Next weeks ads (3/8/09 US)

ITs getting really hard to do this with my current scedule, especially since everything that could go wrong has over the last couple of weeks (including today in magnitude), but at least I got it done today, all be it late. So I got the office supply stores, bestbuy, target, wallgreens and fry’s sun ad up. No media at cvs. Enjoy. Now I’m back to work to take the keys back that I acidentally took home (they are going to be pissed that I waited a couple of hours to come back, lol).

much appreciated for your time on this. always waiting on it. Hope things go well for ya. Good Luck.

I appreciate all your hard work… I check your post every week. Thanks!

BTW, I noticed you have been skipping the CC ads… :wink:

Edit* I was at Walgreens earlier today, and those color music CD’Rs are MIJ

thanks again! :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=disk n00b;2233751]BTW, I noticed you have been skipping the CC ads… ;)[/QUOTE]

That’s because after tomorrow CC is gone. There have been no ads since the “Going out of Business Sale” started.

@ ripit: Thanks for the weekly update and a job well done. :bow: :clap:

Thanks ripit for you hard work

Thanks Dr. Ripit.

Speaking of circuit city, they literally closed the doors right in my face just a little while ago (I guess there is no reason to be courteous if your job is history starting immediately). No big deal as what I was going for wasn’t that hot a deal anyway (warm maybe).

Thx for going through the effort every weekend :).

mahalo ripit!

Thanks ripit for all your hard work. I look for your post every weekend. Take care of yourself and loved ones first and foremost. We will all survive the withdrawal effects if you need to take a break.

Thank you ripit,

[QUOTE=UTR;2233790]Thanks ripit for all your hard work. I look for your post every weekend. Take care of yourself and loved ones first and foremost. We will all survive the withdrawal effects if you need to take a break.[/QUOTE]

My problems are not anything significant. I planned on stopping by circuit city after work which should have taken 5 minutes (not much left). The 3 year old has to pee (so he says), so I have to take him in and drag him through the mall to the restroom. 5 feet from the restroom door and he doesn’t have to pee any more. I have to let him ride the ride in the mall (I know there is going to be a disaster if I don’t the way he is acting). He wants to ride the escalator (calls it an elevator though). He wants to run around and play. I wind up slinging him over my shoulder and carrying him through the mall and out, kicking and screaming the whole way. I dump him on the wife and say I’ll be back in a minute. I come out 2 minutes later and shes gone (I find out later she took him home to pee instead of finding a restroom there, and he doesn’t pee at home either). So by the time she gets back, my 5 minute circuit city trip has taken an hour. Fyi he spends the next hour screaming that he has to go to the store to pee (just a ploy to go to the store and play).
So I get home, lock myself in the bedroom and spend the next 30 minutes getting a shredded half page of last weeks office max ad out of the scanner (the reason I didn’t finish posting last week). There has got to be a better way to get paper out of this scanner but I haven’t found it yet.

Its just little insignificant stuff like that but lately I have been plagued with little stuff like that. It doesn’t help that I tend to go overboard to the point of insanity with researching some tech purchases, and recently I have been trying to irresponsibly burn up my tax refund on tech purchases.

I probably bring it on myself, lol.

I’m right there with you but for different reasons. Luckily our son is 24 years old and peeing is 100% his responsibility as is his forms of entertainment. You will get to this point too before you know it.

I also obsess over purchases and probably end up wasting more time than the money I might save justifies. My parents grew up during the Great Depression and I think they imprinted on me at an early age to be frugal because I have been this way all my life. Heck, I can even remember my Grandmother reusing paper towels!

I’m double damned as I’m cheap but also have to have the best quality for the money. I probably spent 20 hours researching tv’s (and another 20 hours hunting for the best price). I wound up getting frustrated and just got a sony. I know its the most expensive brand but a 40" sony for 800$ isn’t too bad (though the same set went for 700$ on black Friday so I’m still pissed). I wanted something cheaper (even if it waas a cheaper brand), but didn’t find and deals that saved enough to justify going to a cheaper brand. I got 90 days to return if I find a better deal. I did also research return policy’s, extended warranty’s etc. It took talking to the manager, but I got wallmart to price match conn’s from a printout off their website. It was 200$ cheaper at conn’s. Conn’s return policy is non existent though, while wall mart is 90 days, no restocking fee. Sears would have been my next best bet as conn’s is on their price match list, but sears only has 30 day return, may have 15% restocking (none at wallmart). Also, 2 additional years warranty with in home repair is only 60$ at wallmart where 3 years at sears (not sure if thats total or additional) is 180$ at sears.
I haven’t bought the warranty yet (walmart gives you 30 days to add it). Its a sony so it should last, right? I think for 7.5% of the purchase price, I’ll go ahead and get it (thats pretty cheap and lcd’s do go bad).

HEADS-UP if you have a FRY’S in your hood
on their website they offer media @ a special price in your cart
they now offer instore pick-up
so this week you could get:
100 HP16X DVD=$20
50 LG 8X DVD =$7/50 LG DVD 16X=$7
the100 HP 16x DVD &50 LG 16X DVD=LIMIT 1

they charge about $8 to ship 100 or 200
I added a $8dvd/blue sata cable/fan/artic5 compound
and it only raised shipping cost 50 cents

p.s. THANX RIPIT:cool:

Thank you ripit

Office Depot is having a red dot clearance event
all their OD/Ativia dvd-/+R are on sale
the 100 packs were 18.99 and 50’s are 9.99
they had all the lightscribe, RW, +R DL, CD-R - everything on sale …all sizes.

I also come across some 6 plug cords $3 a 40’ cord for $4 and other misc Ativa branded items on sale cheap (1200 watt UPS for $99)

probably worth stopping in if your nearby.

Thanks for the scans ripit

Thanks ripit.

Sony Media is on sale this week at K-mart. Don’t know how good. Also if you sign up here, you get coupons. Have not tryed this. Enjoy…