Next weeks ads (3/4/07 US)



Hopefully I got them all right this week (I’m a little doped up on cold medicine). I got all the normal ads. I double checked the ad and bestbuy did not have any advertised media this week so I randomly inserted a page under the media section for bestbuy (it was easier that way).

Anyway, here they are.


Thanks ripit. How’s the newborn?


OD Brand Media for $24.99 for 100 -----

Can be RICOHJPN. Good stuff.


they only have 2 kinds listed

anyone gotten the p16 lately?


Do you think that Office Depot $300 off a $699.00 duo core laptop is legit? …or will they claim “misprint” after I rush over there at the crack of dawn to try to get one? :rolleyes:


I’m pretty sure it’s legit. The processor is a 1.6GHz Core Duo with 512kB of cache. Notice that it’s not a Core <U>2</U> Duo, and it has half the cache of a normal Core Duo. If that’s ok with you then it seems like a pretty good deal.


Thank you ripit.


It looks like you have to have them order it and pay shipping. :confused:
Call them now if they are still open where you live.


I got Ritek P16 last week


I have about 250 of these and they have been Ricoh JPNR03. They actually burn pretty darn well. You should try to find a $10 0ff $20 coupon and really get a good deal.


Sony DL 25 for $30 at CUSA - how do I tell if these are any good? What country would they be made in if they WERE any good? Or does Sony have any good DL blanks?



Thanks very much ripit! :bow:

Bargains are usually scarce at Radio Shack, but I wonder if those $6.99 Sony 25 packs might be MIJ? They unfailingly are at my local Staples. $27.96 for 100 TY wouldn’t be a bad deal.


Don’t you hate it when you answer your own question?

I believe this might answer the question regarding the Sony DL blanks…

C ya,


thanks ripit, hope your family is doing well


thanks again for the ads…most nice


Thanks Ripit, your devotion to this is greatly appreciated.:clap:


For the record, RS doesn’t carry any TYs, so you can save yourself the trip. Your best bet is to use the RS price to PM at Staples or Sears.


any word on ativa?


It was on the news this Friday that CompUSA will closed the entire store in S. CA. all together by May 07. So may be MIR from CompUSA is not that wise.