Next weeks ads (3/26/06 US)



Hope this works cause I’m gonna be late for work and gotta go.

Verbatiums at two stores including dual layer at one, sony’s at two stores (on the sonys office depot say 16x, bestbuy look like they may be 8x), maxells at one of the drug stores (picture shows 8x but I might have to go there and see if any are 16x as I would like to try maxell003).
Sima video enhancer and antec power supply at compusa might be worth checking out. Western digital hard drives at bestbuy might be worth checking out since no rebates.
Logitech mx610 laser mouse for 30$ after 20$ rebate (50$ upfront) at fry’s (not in the scans. I got one of these for 30$ on sale at bestbuy a while back (normally 60$) and it is pretty sweet.

Edit, I checked the ads quicklly and they seem corect (there are still server problems so I had a lot more html editing to do).


thanks ripit


Thank you ripit!

Anybody knows whether the TDK 25pack in CC is 16x? Maybe reasonnotrules can check it out for me in the Carousel while emptying those Sonys. :flower:


No they are 8X+ and dash. TTG02 and CMCMAG E01


Ripit,I checked the Maxell’s at Walgreens 2 weeks ago and they were 8x, if and when they go to 16x only time will tell.


how to get an extra 10% off verb dl? coupons, staples doesnt have 20pk


i bought the sony dvd+r 8X at BB full price, will take it next wk for price adjustment. There were only couple left. thanx for heads up.


Hey Alan,
I was just in a couple of Staples and both had the older Sony +R,s 8X TY,s without accucore on the disc. Have to price match them tomorrow. It sounds like some of the newer ones are burning as good as the old ones though.


The Verbatim 16X +R packs are MCC004, right? I think I better run and pick of a 50 pack of Verbatims for $15.


There are two Staples near my house and the one I usually go to just had 1 50 pack of the 8X accucore Yudens. I will check the other tomorrow. I am just as happy with the Verbs MCC004 though.


I can’t find anything about the DVD740RI that BB has on sale… some similar but not the RI… anyone know about it? Is this a good burner to get? I’m building a new PC and might be putting 2 burners in.


Looking at HP’s site they don’t even mention that model. This must be a misprint and its really the DVD740i?


Can’t find anything on the RI either, just the 740I. I found this at
There are better deals out there right now at Staples. I/O Magic DL Lightscribe burner for $50 and even less if you can get some of the coupons that are around. They are rebadged Liteon 165H6S and Benq 1655,s. both are probably the best 2 drives out there right now. The sale goes to April 1.
You can get them for as low as $35 with the right coupons and no rebates!
See this thread for more info.


Wow wobble thanks for the heads up. I’ve always overlooked the I/O Magic stuff assuming its junk, but I’ll look into your links.


Stay away from Office Max. Back in Feb. when they advertised the Verbs, I ordered 4 packs of the +R. About a week later, they cancelled my order telling me that the item was no longer being manufactured. Of course, that was a lie. I just sent them an e-mail “reminding” them of my previous order and cancellation, as well as the reason I was told for the cancellation. If they’d have at least told me of the cancellation earlier, I could have gotten the discs price matched at Best Buy, but by the time they told me, the sale had expired. Very unprofessional, and just one of the reasons I will not do business with them again.


hha i won’t be able to get anywhere until monday. I’m working until 5 tomorrow and the mall closes early since it’s a sunday.

if you get there before me, let me know what the stores have! (and leave me a spindle or two of something good :wink:


Both Best Buy and OfficeMax are selling the DVD+R DL Verbatims. Best Buy is selling the 20 pack for $40 and Office Max the 10 pack for $20.


I was in a rush to finish before work (which usally happens when I work at 2oclock on saturday). The gap between when they deliver the newspapers and 2:00 is just barely enough time to do it.


thank you ripit! you made me a very happy girl this week. sonys yay!

i think i might give the 16x verbs another try now that i have a ne wdrive. my 1640 didn’t burn them as well as most people on here. I’m wondering if the 1655 will be any better.

also, slightly off topic, but does anyone know what the going price is for lightscribe discs? i assume verbatims are good to look for, right? i’ave never had any interest in or use for lightscribe, but now that i got my 1655, i have to at least TRY it!


Perhaps someone with light scribe could chime in, but from what I have seen, they have never had light scribe dvd’s on sale locally (not advertised anyway). I see cd-r’s from time to time (verbatium or hp if I recall right but I could be mistaken), but they are usally small packs in jewel cases and pretty expensive. I’m thinking maybe 60 cents ea for cd-r in spindles, more in jewel cases, but that is going off vague recolection. Your best bet might be to see what you can find online if you really intend to use very many of them. If you want to just try the light scribe, maybe a 10 pack of cd-r for 7-8$ wouldn’t be so bad, just so you can see what it looks like. there should be some on sale within a week or two.

Fyi, thanks again to reasonsnotrules for hosting the ads last week!!!
I meant to pm you earlier but was going to be late for work. I usally kill the ads from the previous week right before I post the new ones and I’m guessing thats what people expect so feel free to kill the ads from last week.

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