Next weeks ads (3/25/07 US)

I had a few problems uploading so hopefully its ok. I got everything except compusa and staples. the staples ad from last week is claiming to be 3/18-3/31 on their site, so I left the ad scans from last week for staples up. I’m not sure about compusa, maybe they decided to quit putting the ad in the early edition? something else I noticed about staples, there are slightly different ads. I had always thought they were national, but go to their site and enter zip code 75060 and you will get the ad I scanned. Enter zipcode 84119 and it will be a bit different?

Anyway, here they are. Not much for media so I’ll let you look for yourself.

Thanks for the scans, ripit. I didn’t see anything exciting, but I did get a chuckle out of the price that Geek Squad charges for setting up a wireless router.

Thanks again ripit

Office Depot has their 25 packs of +RW/-RW discs on sale for $8, nothing exotic but always a good deal for 4x RW media since it’s usually quite a bit more expensive. RICOHJPN for the +R, RITEK for the -R, both have been solid RW media for me.

A friend of mine was looking at some laptop memory and they wanted something along the lines of 35$ to install a second module (and the memory was being bought there). Lets see, remove a screw, remove the cover, pop in the module, replace cover and screw, 35$… I think I am in the wrong line of work…

Thank you for the ads ripit.

Thanks ripit

thanks ripit

Office Max and staples have 2 gig sandisk retractable thumb drive for $25 no rebates, and office depot has the same item for the same price after $20 MIR. If you can price match, you can get that thumb drive for less than $5 AR. Even without price matching, it is a very good deal

thanks much for the ads again. most nice.

anyone have good things to say bout sony dvdrdl? almost $1/disc

If you knew anything about the reliability of rebates at Office Depot, you wouldn’t say that. :sad:

Forget about it. Sony DLs in the states are 99% Ritek, and not that good. There is only the occassional rumor of a spindle of MKM, but that’s all it is right now, a rumor, because no one has found any of late.

Stick with the Verbs at OfficeMax, $14.99 for a 10-pack.

It should be easy enough to tell shouldn’t it? Aren’t all mkm dual layer made in Singapore where ritek is going to be made in Taiwan?

That’s correct. If you do find any, call me at 800-CLEAN-OUT. :bigsmile:

You da man!

Thanks ripit, great job again this week!!

I’m curious as to the price of the 50pack Imation media at Target…

Shows 10% off the ink cartridges, but no price for the media.?

It’s $14 for a 50-pack of DVDs or a 100-pack of CDs.

The only noticeable deal this week is Best Buy “Sony D/L DVD+R” for $29.99/ pack of 25. Does any one has had any experiece with Sony DL +R disc?.

How about the 50 packs of Sonys, if you can find some MIJs , you can pricematch.:clap: