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I am having some serious connection issues with the cdfreaks server so I’m going to go ahead and post. I got all the normal stuff except staples and radio shack. Unfortunately not all of it is uploaded (and there may be store titles for stuff I didn’t post because I cannot upload new html files). I think about half of it has uploaded so far. I have to go out and run a couple of errands but will leave it trying to upload and will try again also when I get back.

Thanks. And to kick of some pertinent discussion:

What the hell happened to the media sales at K-Mart?! Where are the 25-pack Sony DVD and 50-pack Fuji CD-R sales that used to happen every few months?! That was a great source of reasonably priced media, whether you bought it there, or price matched elsewhere.

Heyyo ripit and thank you once again!

Thanks ripit!!!

Thanks ripit.

Ooh - ooh! 25 packs of Sony DVD+R DL at Best Buy for $30. Sweet. Let’s just hope there are enough MIS.

[QUOTE=Some Random Guy;2010963]Ooh - ooh! 25 packs of Sony DVD+R DL at Best Buy for $30. Sweet. Let’s just hope there are enough MIS.[/QUOTE]

Not a big deal anymore now that the Verbatim MIS 2.4x 20-packs are back, and go on sale regularly for only $25 at places like OfficeMax.

Plus, I haven’t seen any Sony MIS DL in awhile. It may be gone for good like Sony TYG03.

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Let me see, I think I need more media:D

LOL James… I’m closing my eyes when I view this thread!

Hey ripit, thanks a lot man.

Thanks ripit :slight_smile:

Thanks ripit. You the man!

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Thanks ripit!

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I’m still getting some disconnects but I managed to get the rest uploaded. things didn’t go much better out either.

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All the CDFreaks on the Northside say thanks a bunch for the great work you do.

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