Next weeks ads (3/19/06 US)



*Edit: The problems listed below have not been resolved yet but reasonsnotrules has hosted the ad scans. resonsnotrules links are in post 6 for the images. An explination of what is where is in post 7.
In post 16 are best buy images that will come up automatically. in posts 17, 18 and 19 are links seperated by store (a little beter organized but they still link to the ones reasonsnotrules is hosting).
Thanks to reasonsnotrules for the help.

Got a little bit of a problem. I cannot access the cdfreaks server to upload the scans. I have sent a pm to try to get it resolved but if anyone reading this has accesses to the server? This should be the link when/if I get them uploaded. I had problems last week too (I guess the upgrading they are doing on their servers or something).
All the files and scans are ready to go as soon as I can get them uploaded.

It will show pics now but they are old (not this weeks).

Here is the media. When this media matches the scans, that probably means that it is fixed (plus I will post).

Verbatium 16x 50 pack 14.99
fuji dual layer 15 pack 29.99 7640573
maxell 5 pack color mini dvd-r 9.99

circuit city
tdk 25 dvd or 50 cd 6.99 dvdpr47dcb25-dvdmr47dcb25-cdr80cb50tg
10 memorex mini dvd+r 9.99

Office depot
50 maxell cdr 18.99 247-698
maxell 15 pack dvd-rw 24.99 274-656/274-784
memorex 100 pack dvd (8x pictured) 44.99

office max
100 memorex cd or 50 memorex 16x dvd 14.99
50 cd or 25 16x dvd (memorex) 7.99

50 memorex dvd 14.94 512271/512274
memorex 50 cd, 30 cd music, 10 cd-rw 8.94 ea

compusa 25 hp lightscribe cd-r 9.99
30 dvd (generic?) 5.99 337509/337510 with in ad coupon
100 cd (generic?) 9.99 338453 with in ad coupon

I might have missed something in the media (like wallgreens) but nothing good. Verbatiums were about it. Hopfully I can get the scans uploaded soon.


Since I havent got a responce from anyone about accessing the server, if there is anyone that has publiclly accesable online space, that could host about 17MB, I can send someone the scans.


aww ripit :frowning:

you were supposed to make me happy by telling me sonys were on sale this week.

that means i’m off to the best buy near my parents house to stock up on MIJ sonys at $40 per 50 and I have to pray they go on sale to price match in the next 30 days…

thanks for the heads up on the media. i hope the server issues get worked out!! :slight_smile:


i should be able to help out if i can get a ftp program to work on my parents computer. xreasonsnotrulesx(at)gmail(dot)com and i’ll see what i can do :slight_smile:


ok stay tuned for ads…this isn’t going to be pretty and it might take a while on my parents ill-maintained win98 128mb ram p2 processor.


ok. they’re broken up into chunks because a) that’s how ripit sent them and b) my parents computer can only handle so much. i had 4 involuntary reboots twice due to frontpage, once due to winrar, and once due to total commander all freezing up (underlying cause of course is the shitbox I’m using!)

without further ado…let me know if these work:

page 2
page 3
page 4

i know nothing is nicely labeled, but all the pictures are there, and we’re all smart kids…we should be able to figure out what is from which store :slight_smile: and i’m sure ripit will be on hand to answer questions haha


Let me edit that a little

page 2, first 2 images are compusa coupons, then all of best buy, then firs 4 circuit city pages
page 3 the rest of circuit city, then office depot (you will see the office depot title page where it starts
page 4 three pages of office depot, 9 pages of office max, 1 page walgreens, last page is the first page of staples (My scan software starts no number, then 2 so the first scan always gets thrown to the end).
Page 1 is staples and compusa mixed. I’ll see if I can sort that out.

Fyi thank to reasonsnotrules for the help!!!

On page 1

First two pages (half pages) are staples. Next 7 are compusa, next 1 is staples (starts with 39 cent copies), next 10 pages are compusa, next 1 is staples starting with security solutions, next 2 (side by side) are compusa coupons, the rest are staples. Hope that helps.


i think the first page got thrown out of order because only single digit nubmers were used so 2 comes after 19 (rather than 02 coming after 01)

other than teh first page everything else should be ordered correctly


i bet my university is so proud that the free server space they’ve provided me is going toward such academic use :slight_smile:

the links above work for me…can anyone else verify that they’re functioning?


I can see them


ripit/reasonsnotrules many thanks to both of you for all this dedication and hard work to bring useful information and weekend sales items to all of us. Great job.


We all also proud of you too.


Yup, they are working just fine :iagree:

[B]Thanks[/B] to [B]ripit[/B] and ripit jr…uh, I mean [B]reasonsnotrules[/B] :wink: :bow: :clap:


everything works for me. thanks reasonsnotrules and ripit.


Thanks for the team effort.

Did anyone else notice the strange guy relaxing in a chair on page 16 of the Best Buy ad? From the expression on his face and his hand in the air, he’s either stoned, or pointing and laughing at somebody. We could turn it into a caption contest.

On a more serious note, is the I/O Data Lightscribe drive a rebadged BenQ 1655?


Maybe this will help (let me know if this kills you guys with dial up, I can do clickable urls for the rest or have the pics come up automatically).



circuit city,%20March%2018,%202006%20(58).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(59).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(60).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(61).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(62).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(63).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(64).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(65).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(66).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(67).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(68).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(69).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(70).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(71).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(72).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(73).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(74).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(75).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(76).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(77).jpg





office depot,%20March%2018,%202006%20(81).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(82).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(83).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(84).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(85).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(86).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(87).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(88).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(89).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(90).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(91).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(92).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(93).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(94).jpg

office max,%20March%2018,%202006%20(95).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(96).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(97).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(98).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(99).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(100).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(101).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(102).jpg,%20March%2018,%202006%20(103).jpg

To think I use to always do it the hard way like this (and it took half the day for half as many scans). Glad I got it streamlined (except today because of the server problem of course). Thanks to all that have helped in the past to get it streamlined.


fuji dual layer 15 pack $29.99 7640573 @ Best buy. Does anybody know who makes these and are they any good? I got about 50 mkm-001’s right now and have tried some ritek’s which burned like crap :Z . Since then i’ve stuck with mkm’s, but these fuji’s look like they’re pretty new. I’ve searched the blank media thread and found nothing regarding these dual layer disks.