Next weeks ads (3/18/07 US)

Looks like verbatim dvd, dvd light scribe, cd and cd printable this week, though some of the prices are not as good as we are used to seeing. also, sony and nextech. the nextech are 50 packs so no mcc though I seem to remember a few saying they liked them for cheap media and they are only 8.99. Also playo even cheaper but there is a 20$ rebate and magnavox, maxell. Anyone know if the verb lightscribe are a good deal? I got my first lightscribe drive (didn’t bother earlier as lightscribe seems to suck), but I wanted to try a few.

I didn’t get compusa by the way, but here are the rest. I got some transfer errors too (not sure why), so hopefully they are all ok.

Thanks! :clap:

Time to PM some Sony TYs at Sears. Too bad the $12.99 for 50 deal at OD states “16x.” I guess Sears may not PM that. I’ll have to use the $15 deal from Staples. Still, not a bad deal if they still have TYs in stock.

Looking for BB deals this week.
Thanks Ripit

Looking for BB deals this week.
Thanks Ripit

Thanks for the ads ripit.

Thanks again ripit for your dedicated service.

I might grab some Verbatim LS discs from BB. Not sure if it’s a good deal ripit but $10 off sounds pretty good. The HP 16X -R discs are CMCMAG-AM3’s and burn good but not on sale. I just wanted to try some MCC004 LS Verbs :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Ripit! :bow:

Thanks ripit, looks like for all practical purposes the CUSA is dead and gone for good.

As always, thanks RipIt!

The “help” in my local Sears in west-by-god PA actually checks the UPC codes in the ad compared to what they have on shelf. So, I can not get away with using the OD ad.

Oddly enough, but average burn from an entire spindle of the Sears 50pk TY’s burnt worse for me than the average burn from a spindle of Sears 25pk TY. (both worse than Fuji TY’s) Although, I had 3 disks in my most recent 25pk spindle that could not even complete the burn. Maybe my fault since I was reencoding video at the same time as I was burning.

I have PMed in Sear several times one time even for 52" TV for less $1000.

thanks much for the heads up on the ads. nice.

They were just on sale for $9.99 per 50-pack at OfficeMax a few days ago. That deal was only available in-store for about 4 days. Did you miss it?

The UPCs for 8x and 16x Sony media are the same. 8x and 16x -R have the same UPC, and 8x and 16x +R have the same UPC. I repeat, they are the same.

What they put in the ads are model numbers, and those do sometimes differ.

thanks ripit, a few nice SanDisk thumb drives at staples. I am wondering for the OD toshiba laptop, dont know if they have config code for that laptop. If the video card can be added for $75 and blue tooth can be added for $20, it is an awesome deal

OPS, my bad. :cop: Yes, the UPC codes are the same for 8x, and 16x. I had done a PM on an ad from BB. The BB ad had both the Sony MFG# (which I mistakenly remembered as the UPC), and the BB SKU. The Sony MFG# differs between the 8x, and 16x, but that does not seem to be in the OD ad.

Sears does shelf the 8x, and the 16x. Maybe you could convince them that you are doing them a favor by buying up all the old 8x with a PM? :rolleyes:

Anybody know if any place PMs CUSA prices that have erebates? CUSA has a 160GB Seagate SATA drive for $39 after erebate.

buy the sony MIJ media and PM the next day

Buy a single pack of 16x at OD, then use the receipt to PM at Sears. The OD receipt does not show the speed, so that should work. When done, take the 16x pack back to OD for a refund.

Nobody PMs after-rebate prices, unless they make a mistake. PMs are always based on what are known as before rebate or “out the door” prices.

Thanks, I usually go with the place that has the rebates but heard some bad stories about CUSA.