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I’m kind of suprized I actually got it done this week. As always, I’m having some sort of issues. This computer is crashing left and right (and or individual programs are crashing). I had to scan each page at least twice (some 5 or 6 times) to get a complete scan. I knew windows was toast and had planned on reinstalling anyway (I got a 1TB WD black in the mail yesterday). I got a smart warining this morning so it would seem that the boot drive is toast which must have been waht was causing all the problems(I guess its lucky I found out before it completly died, hopefully I’ll have time to get the stuff off it). The 1TB is going in my htpc but that will free up any of several 160GB drives, a 300GB or a 500GB (whatever I decide to use, I think I’ll benchmark them to see which are faster for a boot drive). I’m thinking that a few of my older drives need to go in the trash too (they are all smaller 160GB or less that I mught trash).

So I got the normal stuff, no media at sears or cvs. Here you go (better stop typing and post before opera crashes again).

Many thanks

You’re the greatest, Rip! :bow:

Many thanks again…

Thank You

Thanks ripit.:slight_smile:

Thanks ripit.

mahalo ripit!

Nice job ripit, thanks!

Thank you ripit

Very much appreciated!

Thanks ripit,

YES verbs is on sale about time :slight_smile: only wished i could fine OM coupons i dont know what happen use to i could always buy them off ejunkie but now there an’t none so i cant get 500 dvds for $100 no more and stock up on them :frowning:

Any one here know where to get OM coupons?

Thanks again ripit :slight_smile:

Thanks ripit.


I get sent cards all the time by Office Max… I have two in my wallet now…

$10 off of $20…which means I can get 100 Verbatims for $15…

Question…lots of you guys were drooling over the Sony media last week…think it was about $15/50 and now it is $23/100.

Verbatim are $25/100 which is the other disk you guys were applauding.

Some of the comments were that these were two of the companies that you always knew what you were getting. And you seemed to like both of these brands. I burn DVD-R, not +R. I am well off with either of these?


No response yet… I am bummed… I knew I had some $10 off Office Max cards… I thought they were both $10 off of $20. Turns out one was $10 off of $10 (FREE) and it expired…sheesh…

[QUOTE=vividere;2238570]No response yet… I am bummed… I knew I had some $10 off Office Max cards… I thought they were both $10 off of $20. Turns out one was $10 off of $10 (FREE) and it expired…sheesh…[/QUOTE]

Yes the Verb +r media are considered by most the best media going at retail outlets. Stick with the MIT.

I use a lot of -R also and the verbs are still very good…look for MIT
most of us here wait for these sales to use the 10 off coupons to stock up on cheap Verbs

Yikes… someone said one of the reasons they liked Verbatim as it was always the same media. Your saying to look for MIT which means it isn’t all MIT? I was going to get some today but I don’t know what to look for if in fact it isn’t all the same.

How do I identify MIT? Can I do it without buying it? I will try to find info on it here on the forum…