Next weeks ads (3/12/06 US)



Sorry for being so late. I was having problems conecting to the server, and now there are a bunch of old scans from january (no idea where they came from) and it won’t let me delete them. Hopfully it will work the way I did it.

I checked two diffrent gas stations and at both, the paper only had bestbuy, circuit city and office deopt so thats what I have to post. I included walgreens and cvs media and decided to add the target and sears electronics sections this week (they are just a couple of pages). Target and sears are under the last tab.
Here is office max (they always put it up on their site on saturday).

and the rest

Looks like office max may be our best betfor media. The ad shows a picture of 16x media, but the number listed is for 8x media? Maybe both will be on sale. If it is 16x, here is how to find mcc. Make sure you read to the end of the thread, there is a picture.

It appears to be working ok now and it is pointing to the right scans.


Thanks again for the post, doesn’t seem too late to me :smiley:


Anyone know the media code on the Philips CDRs?



Thanks ripit!


Thanks again ripit, never to late!

I hope those are 16x at Office Max…


Thanks ripit!

The second from last (red ads) which has Maxell DVD±R 10pk for sale is Target?


The 16x -R Office Max brand discs are MCC according to the responses on 8x +R is MBI, 8x -R is Fujifilm, but then there are very few comments so they probably use other media as well.


It is Walgreens Drug. I will check tomorrow to see if it is the 16x MIJ sweet stuff :iagree: you posted earlier.


thanks Ripit!


I purchased a OM, oem blue label like the sale add 8x DVD+ last week and it turned out to be Optodisk.


Thanks again “ripit”


The Maxell DVDs are 8x, can be MIT or MIJ. The picture says 4x, but I have not seen 4x for some months. I have never seen 16x. If MIJ, they are made by Maxell (sometimes by TY) and are very good.

The 20-pack color Maxell CD-R with slim jewell cases tends to be MIJ, and if MIJ, they are TY, very good. Walgreens, Best Buy and Staples have the red Sony 30-pack CD-R spindle which, if MIJ, is TY, very good.

In all cases check that they are MIJ.




16x is brand new MIJ, I guess it is not for sale to the general public yet :sad: and yes all they had was 8x+r and 4x -r.


Yea, read somewhere that the 16x Maxell MIJ has MID of Maxell03. From some post here, they burn damn good almost or just as good as MCC004.


If anyone hits Officemax today please post if the 16x dvd’s are also on sale.



From the scans I have seen they are just as good as Taiyo Yudens. I just can’t find any to buy.


Same here, i’d jump on the Maxell03’s if they are on sale in a heart beat. Good to see a huge upgrade from Maxell02 to the 03’s. Never had any luck with the 02’s.

With regards to TY, i’m very disappointed with the TY03’s. Right now there’s no point in buying TY03’s when the T02’s and TY02’s burn so damn well at 12x and 16x.


It would be nice if some of this maxell03 starts showing up. It seems all the stores are mostly switching to advertising 16x media on sale so right now that seems to only leave us with mcc for top quality media on sale. I don’t have a problem with mcc (use lots of it) but it would be nice to have a few good medias to chose from and or have a chance of being on sale. I have always had good luck with other maxell/mxl media codes.


Nope, just the 8X MIT.