Next weeks ads (3/11/07 US)

I got a little bit of bad news. Only about half the normal ads were in the paper this week. I went back out and got a paper from another store but it was the same. I’m not sure if they had a batch that didn’t get them all, or if some of the stores decided not to put the ad in the early edition this week or what, but I’ll post what I got.
I got bestbuy, circuit city, and office depot (also frys sun ad, sears as it has media though the price isn’t that great, cvs and wallgreens). the staples ad for last week claims to be good for two weeks according to their web site, so there may not be a new staples ad this week (its not uncommon for staples to run 2 week ads like that). The scans for staples are from last week and I have posted a link where it says good for two weeks.

Also, even though I didn’t get the office max ad, it was said in another thread they will have verbatims for 12.99 per 50. Best buy also has verbatims for the same price.

Anyway, here they are.

this will do lol

Thanks, I think we all look for this every week. Deals look kinda sparse like you said.

thanks again for all the work

Thanks for the ads ripit.

Great job ripit as always, you should know everyone appreciates your efforts!!

Hope your son and wife are doing well, I know from experience being a first time parent is a lot of work.

Sears has 25packs of Sony media on sale, could be a gold mine for some as Sony 8X MIJ (TY) is often available there.

Also the Fry’s Great Quality brand is shown as being SonyD21, or OptodiscR16 in the +R 16x flavor according to the database… Could be decent media for the price.

Thank you very much ripit as always.
It is now 3.00am in Egypt and I am still awake to see your awesome weekly post :clap:

Thanks for the updated post

The new baby is fine though the 1.5 year old is really a terror (he’s just that age). I’m starting to get a little more sleep now.

Everytime I buy the Fry’s brand GQ 16X DVD+R media I get “SONYD21”, which is decent at 12x. Here is a typical burn at 12x on my LG-H10N.

The benQ 1655 drive I have really likes the d21’s also, but others dont do as well with them, pretty good disks for some drives.

There’s a misprint in your Fry’s ad. Those are NOT DVD-Rs that are on sale for $4.50 per 50-pack, but CD-Rs. The online ads have the correct listing.

Also, for those looking at the GQ disks, you realize, of course, that those are mostly fake media codes. They are definitely not actual Sony media, although some might be real Optodisc.

Thanks ripit and always appreciated.

By the looks of the SonyD21 scan above, one should be happy it’s a fake media code.

I can’t for the life of me, get a SonyD21 or Sony16D1 to look anything like that no matter which burner I use (benq included)… Mine hover around ~100k PIE, 4-5k PIF.

Even if the OptodiscR16 is a true media code, I’ve had at least average to good results with that media.

Do you know that? They’ve used fake TY and MCC in the past, however I have no reason to believe that the Sony-coded discs are fake, and the Optodisc are not fake - Optodisc is commonly sold in differing grades so it’s certainly possible that you may not get a great batch, but it’s not fake. Real Sony media has been used in brands other than Sony before. I’ve not heard of Sony codes being faked, though it’s obviously a possibility. Add to that the fact that getting burn quality with faked codes equal to known genuine media is unheard of.

Thanks man.

PS/ noticed the Maxell on sale at Office Depot. Which is better/ Verbat or Max

Verbatim by far… Maxell is only considered decent when it’s made in Japan, which has been extremely hard to find in their 16x media.

thanks ripit, I am gonna try to Pricematch Circuit City Toshiba laptop to Office Max FF this friday, making it $599 for a core 2 duo