Next weeks ads 2/4/07 US)

I’m running a little late today, I would give some big excuse, but what can I say, I have just been being lazy today (I might have a few legit excuses but it was mostly lasyness, lol).
I got all the normal ads. I included part of frys for the motherboard/cpu combos. The staples ad is for two weeks so it will be the same next week.

Looks like mostly sony and hp media this week. There are some multi color verbatim light scribe cd-r. I wonder if those look better than those crappy gold/green-grey ones?

Also, I think it was bestbuy that has the logitech mx610 mouse for 40$ (about 36$ if you can find a 10% coupon). Not as good as the radioshack deal but no rebate and worth 36$ if you ask me (I’m tempted to get another one).

Anyway, here they are

On a side note, does anyone know what happens with copys of windows xp that retailers have, now that vista is advertised all over the place? I was kind of hoping to pick up an extra copy on clearance somewhere but I’m guessing they offer free or cheap upgrade to vista if you buy xp now or something?

As always, thanks Ripit! How’s that bundle of joy (or terror :bigsmile: ) doing?

Thanks ripit:

Hows the newborn?

The newborn is just fine, its the other one (1.5 years old) that is being a holly terror!!!

Thanks ripit. Happy new baby!

Thanks ripit.

Congrats on the new baby!

Thank you very much ripit for your awesome “weekly” post , I hope your baby is fine :slight_smile:

thanks for the weekly update =) :iagree:

Thanks Ripit,

Those 50 pack of printable CD-r for 5.99 at compusa look interesting.

Has anyone purchased in identified who makes them?

The Fuji +R 50 pack at Best Buy for 13$ is a good deal if you happen to get Prodisc R05 (which is most likely), check there may be others that are good.

I have had excellent results with Fuji Prodisc R05, PIE ~10k, PIE < 500 at most burn speeds on a variety of burners.

Man, I sure wish I could find some MIS D/L Sonys, but like most places in the US my local BB only has the MIT ones. At $35 for 25 that would be a steal for MKM but quite frankly it is still a rip-off for the Ritek ones. Meh. No matter. As soon as I heard that Verb was going to start outsourcing some of it’s production to Moser Baer, I went crazy and bought 3 of the 20 packs of D/L MKM Verbatim when they were on sale last week at BB. :wink:

Thank you for your dedication Ripit. We appreciate it. :bow:

I’ve seen 2 packs of MIS Sonys at CompUSA, but they were $10 apiece :Z
25-packs were all MIT.

Thanks Ripit. And thanks to this whole forum. It has really helped me, especially since I used it to build my new system to burn dvd’s about a month again. Thanks!!

It’s been some years for me, since my boys were that age ripit, but I can still remember showing up at work looking like a zombie from lack of sleep. :slight_smile:
Hang in there bud, and many thanks again for your weekly dedication. :clap:

thanks much for the notice as always. hope the family is doing well.

Thanks Ripit!

Hope the little ripper keeps doing well!!

Het Ripit/ Looking for the same thing. I have a new AMD box I just built and need a real copy of XP. I am using trial download of XP64 that will expire in two months and was thinking of buying an OEM VISTA 64 from ZIPZOOMY for $92. Just never have dealt with that company before. The other option is to get an employee copy at $64 of XP home edition.

Like you, there has to be a price drop on this stuff or a hudge rebate :cool: :iagree:

As for my grand children, as soon as they are out of diapers we may move closer to my kids. LOL

Thanks for the scans again ripit

Thank you ripit.