Next weeks ads (2/25/07 US)

I got all the ads except staples this week (will give a staples link).
I didn’t see anything that special for media this week. Its too bad maxell went to using sucky ritek instead of their own. There is some hp if you want cmc. Thats about all for the comments this week (kind of tired so not to talkitive).

Anyway, here they are.

staples, make sure to click upcoming circular if necessary (top left corner)

Ripit i Love you :slight_smile: :clap:

Thanks again ripit!

Might get me a nice chair this week :slight_smile:

Thanks ripit!

I dunno. My local Wal-Mart carries a pretty decent stock of MIJ Maxell. They even carry the MIJ Maxell CD-R Pro series, which last time I checked was pretty difficult to find.

I was talking about the spindles that were on sale but I haven’t been able to find the jewel cased mij ones either. The walmart here doesn’t have any. Out of curiosity, how much are they at walmart? I was thinking about calling around th see if any of the other ones in the area had any.

Thanks ripit as always, if you are like me and see the MIR as negative point then all the prices with this heavy MIR from CUSA, CC, OD, and BB is not attractive and interesting at all.

Thank you very much ripit.
Nexxtech media at CC seems attractive for 9$ per 50 discs if they were MIT (CMC MAG) :slight_smile:

Thanks Ripit…
We appreciate you dedication every week…

cc nexxtech is most likely ume01

Only if MIC or MIHK , but yet I am not in the USA to know :bigsmile:
My friend in NY got me some 25 packs that were MIT (CMC MAG E01) , I don’t know about 50 packs , are they all MIHK ?

Thank you Ripit!! :bow:

Thank you for the ads ripit.

Thanks again Ripit

All the Nexxtech 50 packs that I’ve come across were Made In Hong Kong, and therefore AML002 and UME01, both of which are actually decent for cheap media. Not that I’d buy them at $9 per 50, but if they are a good enough deal they’re worth a try. If you happen to come across MIT, they’ll be CMC E01, CMC AE1, and MCC02RG20, all of which are very good. But I’ve only seen those in the 25 packs.

Two questions.

Anyone know anything about the Sony CDR media at either Office Depot or Target? What media code? What quality? (Compared to, say Ritek-made Office Depot discs–can’t really find TYs anymore.)

And what about the new Maxell CDRs? They have a cake box that looks sorta but not quite like the fat-bottomed TY cakeboxes. Same cakebox that Memorex’s have had for awhile. Anyone know what the manufacturer is of these? Quality?

You should be able to easily find TY CD-Rs. Look for Fuji MIJ and you should be golden. A lot of us stocked up in the last couple months when KMart has had sales.

Actually, TY CDs are hard to find at the retail level. Many of us don’t have a lot of K-Marts in our area, and the ones we do have were cleaned out by greedy bastards months ago. Even worse, because of the nature of the K-Mart sales, it’s hard to price match to places like Best Buy (they only match straight price reductions and not 2-for-1 sales or percent off sales, etc.), which still has a few spindles of TY CD-Rs laying around, but not enough to meet the needs of more than a couple of people.

The only way to get TYs or MIJs in most cases these days is to buy Maxell or Sony music CDs, or Maxell Pro CDs. Unfortunately, all of these are way overpriced and rarely go on sale.

So, no, it ain’t that darn easy.

What he said. No KMarts around here. Lots of made in Taiwan Fujis everywhere. Maxell music CDRs are expensive, and I didn’t know about the Sony music CDRs. (I’d take a quality Verbatim DataLifePlus, but haven’t seen those in forever.) I have a bit over 50 Fuji CDRs left and use them when I need a great CDR. In general, I like the Office Depot Riteks as a very good alternative, but I just ran out and want something around so I’m not using up my TYs on burns that don’t need them (but where I still want a quality disc.)

Are any brands that use CMC better than others? Verbatim perhaps? And what about those Sony CDRs and Maxells with the same cakebox style as Memorex?

The Maxell 50pk CD-R’s for 9.99 a spindle are the MIT. Has anyone had any experience with those?

Its not as easy as some might think to get MIJ Fuji’s. Last fall I managed to pick up 6 spindles at KMart, but I’m down to only 2 now. And the last sale KMart had a couple of weeks ago on Fuji CD-R’s was when they stocked up on the MIMalaysia version, at least here. Since then I haven’t found any good deals or any MIJ Fuji’s outside of two spindles at Best Buy.