Next weeks ads (2/18/07 US)

I didn’t get a bestbuy ad this week (I think thats a first). I’m not sure if they just left it out of a few newspapers or if they have something special going on where they decided not to put the ad in the early edition? Also, since I am running late for work and the staples ad has already been posted and discussed, I skipped it (will give links). Also, forgive me if I missed something, but I did not see any sun/mon only sales except, circuit city said hundreds of unadvertised specials, sun/mon only.

So here are the rest, enjoy.

staples ad
Staples discussion

thanks ripit.

Thanks ripit

Wow, nothing this week is a must-have…

The Magavox 50 packs seem like the best deal, but still not the best price for CMC Mag AM3 (I would skip the +R).

Does anyone know what media code the Maxell DVD-RW discs are from Office Depot, and are they 4x? Thanks in advance.

Best Buy has Dynex 50 packs for $8.99, +R is RICOHJPN R03, -R is RITEK F1 and MCC03RG20 (I can’t recall if the MCC is legit or how it performs if it’s fake).

Thank you ripit.

thanks ripit, 4gig sandisk cruzer for $59.99 at Office Depot, Price match with Office Max to make it $52, very good deal. Office depot also has 75DVD and 25CDR for $9.99, very good deal, could be Ritek or Ricoh

What about the external Lite-On burner at OD? Any thoughts?

I’d prefer HP AM3s, so I’ll skip it, but if you did want them then buy the 100-pack of -R and use the OM $10off$20 available on SD or FW. Your price is $14.99 for a 100-pack.

Of course, you only want the -R Riteks if they’re 16x F1s and not 8x G05s. Most of the combo packs have contained 8x DVD media, but that may have changed recently. :bigsmile:

what happened to the best buy ad?

The BB ad came with todays paper I got. Biscally there isn’t any interesting deal going on this week.

Ummmmmmm, I don’t know, let’s see… how about reading the very first 8 words of ripit’s post? :doh:


Mad dog 18x writer at CUSA for $30 after rebates

Anyone know what drive this is? Is it an excellent, good or bad drive?

I noticed there were 2 slightly diff versions of the box [the roxio logo pictured was diff] and there was a diff Vxxxxxx number on the end of the box.

Do you in fact get the FULL version of the roxio software or is it an LE or dumbed down version, like the very basic version of Nero you get with most drives?

Any help would be appreciated. If its a waste of time, then just say so. :wink:

Thanks in advance,

Mad Dog use to be repackage of NEC drive but these new one may be different, also you notice the drive (Mad dog in CUSA) comes with LightScrible.

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however i did get it in the newspaper

Last I read around the new ones were Samsungs. Maybe they have some NEC again like they used to.

why bother with compusa rebadges when the real originals are at newegg for $30?

I have got to agree with that. you can get most drives (nec, liteon benq etc.) for about 30$ on newegg these days. The only reason that I bought one locally on my last drive was it was only 35$ (samsung 18x w/light scribe, the non light scribe was 30$, at microcenter, no rebates).