Next weeks ads (2/17/08 US)



Sorry but I had to cut things short this week. I ran out of time before work (wife is having a little rampage so I had other stuff to deal with).

I got all the media, and full ad scans from office depot, office max, staples and best buy. I got circuit city and fry’s sun ad but unfortunately wont have time to scan them before work. So here it is.


Now I want to be the first to say Thank you ripit for the great week work


Thank you very much ripit :clap:

I hope you get all things sorted out :flower:


Thanks ripit. I wonder if any of the Memorex media at Office Max is Ricoh(d0127x). Does anyone know?


Thank you once again ripit!


Super Job buddy …thanks again


Rite-Aid is rumored to be having a 50% off CD/DVD media sale starting Sunday.


Thanks ripit, I wish I needed media, I saw some MIJ Sonys at Staples I could price match.:cool:


Thank you ripit


Thanks again ripit,


Thanks for ALL of your hard work:bow:


Another fine job ripit.

Thanks again for all your doing in the community.


Thank you ripit :slight_smile:
You did great every weeks :iagree:


Rite Aid’s sale is for Fuji media only, and it is 50% off. You can find some 8X made in Japan if you look especially in the 10 packs with jewel cases.


well done mate :iagree:


Thanks ripit!


[QUOTE=Jmm1;2001629]Rite Aid’s sale is for Fuji media only, and it is 50% off.[/QUOTE]

And unfortunately, at least according to the web site and circular ads, the sale is on the east coast only. :sad:


How can you tell if the Office Depot DVD+R is RICOHJPN.

also-are the Office Depot CD-R good or bad?


Thanks for the posting, and hope your troubles are over with. The $15 for 15 DL DVD looks tempting.


Thanks ripit.

Burn On,