Next weeks ads (2/11/07 US)

Hope I got it all right as I did things a little diffrent with the html editing this week.
several medias on sale, verbatim. hp, sony tdk, maxell, office depot etc.

A couple of other potential good deals I saw too. Compusa has a few antec cases on sale with instant rebate (not their typical billion dollars in mail in rebates) including an antec nine hundred gamer case for 90$ that is about 170$ shipped at newegg (asuming I looked at the right case on newegg)

and an antec mid tower for 60$ with 380 watt ps.
Office depot has a desktop computer for 300$ and a laptop for 500$, no rebates. The desktop is quite stripped down but it is 300$ out the door with monitor.

Looks like fry’s has up’ed the price on their e6300 combo. I wonder if that is because the e4300 will be their new cheap core2 combo?

Also, the staples ad from last week runs through this week too. There was a one page flyer this week but it says good in the dallas/fortworth area only. I’m not sure if they will have something similar elsewhere but it is the last 4 scans (second scan on the staples media tab) the rest of the scans are lastweeks, good through this week.

Anyway, here they are.

Thanks ripit

thanx ripit… :cool:

does anyone know what those dynex are at BB? or how to tell what they are?

Thanks so much ripit!

Scrolling down through your scanned ads is so much easier than going to each individual website and squinting to see their ads and having to continually flip throught the pages (Best Buy is the worst)


Thanks ripit. Saves the wait.


Verbs at Office Max for $12.99 look like a steal.
To bad, no deals on inkjet printable.

Great job ripit, lots of goodies this week.

Now if only the Maxells were MIJ!

From the looks of it, I would guess they are using whatever they can get cheap so my guess is they could be anything.
I would also suspect based on what has been reported with the 16x+r at least, that they are probably buying from ritek so its probably a gamble weather you get ricoh or ritek.

Maxell MIJ are very hard to find… I’ve yet to find any MAXELL 003 16x discs in the US.

thanks much for the notice again…hope family is well.

I have heard of a hand full of people getting them but they are always in the 5 and 10 packs in jewel cases and even on sale they are pretty expensive (1$ a disk or more). I have personally seen them at walgreens (regular price is 13$ for 10 if I recall right) and I have heard of people getting them at walmart. They must not be producing very much of the stuff.

I have not seen any MIJ anywhere not even in Jewel cases :frowning:

do they not make them in japan anymore? besides yuden?

Nice to see verbatim’s back on sale again.

The 16x maxell’s that actually carry Maxell media codes are made in Japan but they are rare in the US at least and never sold in spindles. All the 16x maxell in spindles are ritek, ricoh, cmc etc. I know of one store here that has a 10 pack of made in Japan dvd-r but I’m not going to pay 13$ for it. I also have a rain check from cvs for 7$ (10 pack) but every cvs in my area has been out for weeks. So far as I know, they have only been seen in 5 and 10 packs and can be hard to find.

Thanks very much, ripit! :flower:

Thank you Ripit.

To everyone concerning the Maxell MIJ media…
I don’t know how much this will help but I’ve seen Maxell 8x DVD-R MIJ MXL RGO3 at a couple of different Sears stores while I was hunting down the coveted 8x +R Sony/TY media. They had it on sale for $13 a 50-pack. If you’re lucky you may be able to get a price match. Hard to say since the ad clearly states 16x media though.

I’ve burned about 25 of them so far and didn’t see any compelling reason to get any more of them.

The 8x made in japan, maxell media code stuff was a lot more common (used to be). I haven’t seen much in a while, except old stock at a few places that want too much for it like walgreens and cvs. The office depot here also has some that are printable but they are 40$ for a 50 pack If I recall right. I havent burned them much in a while, but have a few hundred in my stocks if I am not mistaken. If memory serves, they were picky on what drive/firmware you burned them with, but were capable of very good burns with some (like with my 3500 and 2fc).

I have plenty of these Maxell 8X MIJ bought long time ago from OD and I am not impressed with their performance.

Thanks for the scans ripit.