Next weeks ads (2/05/06 US)

Bet you guys are suprized I’m posting so early (after the last several weeks). I had to work at 2pm so had to get it done early. Not much for ads this week. I got bestbuy, circuit city, ofice max and office depot (no staples or compusa in eiter the dallas or fortworth paper at one store anyway).
I looked around quick to see if I could find staple or compusa posted on other sites and didn’t find them. If anyone else knows if they are posted somewhere, please post a link. I did unfortunatlly find out some bad news when I was searching (on fat wallet). Staples has changed their price match policy. Any coupons, instant savings, instant or mail in rebates or other will be applied to thier price, then they apply the price match so no more ink coupons on price matches. FurtherThey will not honor any kind of savings at the other store unless they are instant (their mail in rebates are taken into acount but the other stores are not so if they both have the same rebate, it’s actually more expensive).

There is some good news though (I think). Having just brieflly glanced at the ad, it seemed that there were several items with instant savings (not mail in rebates) at best buy. Maybe they are going to finally make good on their claim quite some time ago that they were going to move away from all the mail in rebates.

Walgreens only had 30 memorex cd-r for 7.99 (not good enough to bother posting) and target, cvs and sears had no media this week.

anyway, here they are, hope everything works ok as I am running a new windows install. The resolution problem from last week should be fixed (got photoshop reinstalled) so hopfully item numbers should be readable.

thanks! nothing too great for next week media wise at least. That at least solidified my plans for before work today. of to staples to PM those sonys from compusa from alst week.

also, the coupon and rebate thing has ALWAYS been a part of the pricematch policy at staples (in the fine print at least). I’ve never seen it enforced though. Maybe they’ve undertaken a sort of re-training initiative to inform their employees of the policy to make sure it’s enforced from now on.

I’ll let you know how my pricematch goes today. (if i can actually get out of the house in time to get there before i head to work tonight)

i wasn’t even excited to see the fuji’s on sale at best buy. MIJ fujis are now a thing of the past i believe :frowning:

Thanks as always, ripit.

Thanks ripit for the hardword, on the sale side so many people always out cry for the sale of Fuji DVD+/-R now this week they have it from bestbuy. Fuji DVD+/-R on sale for $14.99 per count of 50 you can’t have better.

i’d only go for it if it were MIJ, and I haven’t seen an MIJ spindle of fuji in months…

I saw at least six 50 pk Fuji MIJ in Fry’s Electronics this week but Fuji never goes on sale there. I wonder if Fry’s do any pricematching?

Well I just called my local Fry’s about pricematching, and I was told they do 100% pricematching. Time to get that BB ad tomorrow to Fry’s then. :slight_smile:

I just bouught 2 pack of 50 count Fuji DVD+R (8X) MIJ the other day, yes If you do search on spindles you will notice that they are both MIT and MIJ.

Thanks Ripit!

Thanks ripit, for all that you do. You’re right…not much for ads, but it’s good to see the DL verbs at $2 each, either at BB or OM.

@TCAS: I bought the Sony Yuden000-T02-000 at Staples with the price match from CompUSA which brought the price down to 12.99USD for 50, I could have bought the Fujis with the same media code from BestBuy like you but the batch numbers troubled me, I opened the spindle at Staple which was batch 1162, a batch I have has success with and I also opened a spindle in BestBuy and they were batch 1158 that at least for me was so-so, what do you find, since batch 1133 they have been very erratic but still better than any other media in the stores.

TCAS, i do check all of the spindles, and I haven’t found any near me in ages.

also, i was going ot let you guys know how my staples pricematching went…but it didn’t happen.

i want to know what CDfreak live in syracuse, NY because their sony display was in disarray and all that was left was 2 MIT spindles grrrrrrrr hahah

guess i’ll have to try my luck for fujis this week even though I know no one will have them :frowning:

Alan; I have been using Fuji DVD+R only so far always bought from BB and always MIJ which I have had very pleasent experience with them. I honestly never paid any attention to patch no. before and to be honest I don’t know where to look for the patch number. These disc (Fuji DVD+R 8X) have MID of TY T02 and are MIJ.

hi how do u tell which is MIT and MIJ ?? and out of the 2 which is better

reasonsnotrules; I saw a post indicating Sony DVD+/-R are on sale this week at ComPUSA, also don’t be discouraged for not finding Fuji MIJ at BB you better look harder and even go to other BB stores I am positive you will find Fuji MIJ, I had to go through so many spindles to find few MIJ.


You can tell the difference by a quick glance at the “Made in” bit on the label, and often on the disks themselves. Made in Japan, are rebranded Taiyo Yuden which is a tier-one media. The Made in Taiwans are a number of other manufacturers most of which are tier-two. Made in China or India, mostly tier-3.

For Fuji look under scanning bar it says “Made In Japan” or “Made In Taiwan”, as for how do I know which one is better by burning so many disc from each by reading other peoples experiences on this and other forums and also by reading about them from users comments on on media section.

I wasn’t really sure about the price match policy before, but when I went searching to see if anyone had posted a staples or compusa ad anywhere else, I ran across a couple of threads that seemed to imply that there was a new price match policy at staples that was more strict. Here are a couple of the threads.

The 110% price match is still good so you can still get them cheaper than the place being price matched (an extra 2$ off if the sale price is 15$ and staples is 35$), but coupons and rebates are where the issues are.
Let us know how it goes if you do try to price match with a coupon.

ripit…i already psoted back.

my stpales trip was a failure. It was right before work so i didn’t have time to check another staples, but I think another cdfreak cleaned them out before i got there!

no MIJ…just a bunch of MIT thrown around in a messy pile haha. it looke dlike the racks after i’m done with them.

I might have to bite the bullet and start ordering my TY online. the deals you can get with price matching and coupons though are unbeatable and as much as i love bargain hunting, it’s getting aggravating not finding what i want ANYWHERE.

Lol, I actually figured out who the cdfreak was I was competing with for verbatium when staples closed them out a while back. He was aparentlly hitting stores in the same area I was cleaning them out.
I missed the part of your post where you mentioned about the price match.