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Thats good enough for a movie. Did you burn at 8X and scan at 8X?

Here’s a 16x burn on my Pioneer 111. It looked pretty good until the end. I think I will try again at 12x.

This was with an old version of CD speed! Weird! I stopped it as it was doing the scan at .5X.

This media burns at 95-97% quality in my Pios. But here is a 1640 burn and scan. Set my burn at 16X. 12X is the fastest you should burn this media, but I was in a hurry. LOL

Mine just came today too. I was glad to see the CMCE01 also, they burn better for me than thier 16X too

This one burnt at 8x on my LG-H10N. This drive is in an external USB enclosure, and will not reach 16x (only good for about 14x). LG in their infinite wisdom does not allow the choice of 12x on DVD-R media, only 8x or 16x, so I tried it at 8x. Actually looks quite nice. If it wasn’t for that small cluster of PIFs at about the 1.0 gig mark, I would call it an excellent burn.

12X CMCE01 burn, just OS enabled

You guys are lucking out with that E01, now I’m going to have to order some I think :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s not just the batch I just got today, every batch of them I got burn good :bow:

C’mon like the TV fund raising shows…pick up the phone, get out the credit card and make that call now :bigsmile:

I didn’t mean that you were lucking out with your particular batch, just that you were lucking out in getting E01. E01 is great media for me as well. :wink:

:doh: to me :bigsmile:

wow, did not know mbi makes -R, cool, I am gonna try it out, so cheap, why not

E01 is very good and [B]stable[/B] for me too , I don’t know why the 16X variant are not so good , media or Drives’ support :frowning:

are hp discs any good? nice price. :bigsmile:

HP discs are CMC , E01 (8X +R) is very good , but 16X isn’t great and sometimes even bad

For HP, both 8x varieties are good, and in 16x the -R AM3 discs were good for me. The 16x +R CMC M01 HP discs were ok, many burned great but then I had an occasional disc that burned only fair. So if 16x, I’d suggest the -R, if 8x I’d suggest the +R although both are fine in 8x.

Since I had not tried CMC M01 from Staples’ brand, I decided to give them a try even though my Office Max brand M01 was a lower grade and I’ve gotten better results with AM3 in other brands. So far after 1 burn, things are looking very good. Below is at 12x in a Benq 1640, WOPC on/SB off. Half the PIFs were from the spike at 1GB (probably dust) so it’s really a great result otherwise. If the rest of the spindle burns similarly then I’ll definitely look to buy more of these, I can only hope I continue to get similar results. I also bought a spindle of AM3 but haven’t tried them yet. Added a Liteon scan for the Liteon crowd (again the spike of PIFs at 1GB accounted for half, about 130, of the PIFs :().

Here’s my first burn with the Staples CMC AM3, burned at 8x in a Benq 1640 WOPC on/SB off. Not as good as my first M01 burn but still a good result, maybe 12x will help.

Scoobiedoobie, I’m very impressed with those scans. I’ve always considered CMC Magnetics to be third rate media. However, as evident from those scans, they are otherwise. Just goes to show how much a quality burn depends on both media [B]and[/B] the burner.

Unfortunately a common misconception that has gotten spread to ridiculous levels over the past couple of years, which sucks as people are finally beginnning to realize that it can be very good media but their 16x media has been dissappointing compared to their older media. Lack of decent drive/firmware support in many burners in the past only made matters worse and people often blamed the media rather than the firmware itself. Up until their 16x media it was typically some of the best media I’ve used all the way back to 2.4x, and it’s remained very stable. Fortunately I always ignored the BS and have a large amount of their media back to 2.4x that remains in great shape and scans great to this day. And as you can see even the 16x media can be decent, although I’ve had much greater success with their 8x and slower media.