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I just ordered 6 of the DVD-R online (there are no Staples stores in the Houston, TX area). The total was $51.83 with the coupon code applied. However, Staples just emailed me an order confirmation with the bottom line of $81.06 – obviously without the coupon applied. WTF???

I have emailed back to them, asking them to cancel my order if indeed they have rejected the coupon. Anyone else ordering online, check the email receipt CAREFULLY.

Check out their add -Its from the east coast and they should meet the price of $7.98 in add. Heres the link.

I’m on the east coast, no problem

Item No.: 623598 Price: $12.48/each
Expected Delivery: 12/05/2006 by UPS 6.0 $74.88

Subtotal: $74.88
Delivery: FREE
Coupon1: -$27.00
Tax: $3.35

Total: $51.23

Just finished burning and scanning 10 DVDs to test a few different flavors of media I’ve bought on sale. I burned 3 discs of 3 different types and averaged the quality scores. Then I burned a single of a 4th type just to see what would happen. All were burned in a BQ1650 with firmware BCIC and scanned in a Lite-On 160P6S with firmware PSOB.

The average of the 3 Memorex 16x -R CMC MAG AM3 was 88

The average of the 3 Memorex 16x +R CMC Mag M01 was 92

The average of the 3 Dynex 16x -R MIC MCC 03RG20 was 94.33 :eek:

The single Memorex 16x -R RITEKF1 was 95

A few comments. Although Ritek is a manufacturer that everyone seems to hate, I’ve had overall better scans with RITEKF1 than I have with either CMC AM3 or M01 in both my Lite-On 160P6S and BQ1650 burners. The only thing I’ve notices with the RITEKF1 is that the PIE count will be pretty high (lots of blue) but the PIF looks very good in comparison to other media I’ve scanned.

Also, the Best Buy Black Friday Dynex Made in China (possibly faked?) MCC 03RG20 have produced decent scans as well. The only scan I’ve had that has a QS below 93 was burned in a very old Pioneer DVR-105, which will be shelved soon. Just looking for a good deal from Newegg.

How well these will hold up over time is anyone’s guess. I’m sure you all know the answers to that better than I do given my fairly newbie status.

Originally Posted by scotton
Heres a link that rates the media. Before I post that I have used alot of staples 16x media both plus and minus and the results have been okay but this site does not like them.

That site lists AM3s as 4th class garbage, yet it lists TTG02 as 1st class. Last time I bought a spindle of those it was 3 for 3 coasters and back they went.
So much for that so called expert. Judge for yourself, below is my 3rd 16X burn, OHT, HT on. 95 QS, 4th class garbage??? I dont think so. :bigsmile:

Does anyone know if there is any “Staples” coupon these days?.

Sad news, Staples stop taking Epson Ink Cartridges, only dell, lexmark and HP, I couldn’t redeem any of my ink cartridges

Yeah ghetocowboy I posted about that a few months ago, I think Office Max only takes HP now.

What a bummer.

So, when was the last time there was a good deal on Verbatim 16X DVD+R media? and/or how long might I have to wait for the next good deal on these? (my current stock is running low)

It’s about every other week some place, Best Buy, Office Max-Depot has them.

man ill tell you what the cd to dvd price ratio just sucks…Like i can get 50 dvds for like 12 bucks…but cds…for like 8 i can only get 50 cds…I dont care what the quality is really…as to me cds are cds…whats the best way to get cds…shy of spending a lot of money and buying bulk…

Best way is to seriously watch for deals. Sites like and can also be useful in addition to the Bargain Basement here. About a year ago I got a load of HP (CMC) disks, like 600 of 'em for super SUPER cheap from a place called Viking. Here’s the thread. You gotta be patient, have the money when the deal comes, and definately stock up like crazy when it does, because they don’t happen like every week.


I agree with Joe Dirt. You have to be willing to stock up on an item when you do find a great deal. Not too long ago ScoobieDoobie posted a deal on jewel cases and many of us got several hundred because it was such a low price. Also there was a smoking deal on Fuji/Taiyo Yuden CD-R media on Thanksgiving day at K-Mart. Again many people bought several hundred.

Me too,I agree Joe Dirt nailed it. Ya gotta jump on the good deals while ya can. Between the 2 jewel sales I got a total of 1250 :slight_smile: and now have about a total of 800 sale DVDs that burn OK at either 16X or 12X in my burners. Like I said I’m outta room to put stuff :iagree: Hmmm I wonder if the Mrs would look under the bed :bigsmile:

if you need Verbs for the time being, microcenter has spindle of 50 for $13.99, not the best deal, but you can replenish for the time being, I recommend buy just one or 2 spindles and wait for them to go to $12.99 again.

I just got my Staples DVD’s now…

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc type: : DVD+R
Book Type : DVD+R
Manufacturer: : unknown
MID : MBIPG101 R05 001 (01)

Was a great burn until the very end but I don’t burn many totally full discs
so these should work out fine for $.16 each :slight_smile:

Burned at 16x with a DRW-1612BL

Good news! The +R from Staples was the old 8X stuff CMC E01 MIT. Very good media for my use and a great price at $7.99 delivered to my front door. One scan to follow.

The UPS man just delivered my package from Staples. 6 spindles of 50 DVD-R 16x. I opened one spindle, and they are “MBI 01RG40”. I wonder if I should open all 6 just to see if they are the same? Scan to follow in a few minutes.

And, oh, yeah, they did adjust my price after I contacted them. With free shipping, and sales tax added, cost was about 17 cents each delivered to my door.

If they are Made in India they are MBI 01RG40, you can also tell by the spindle type.

Post some scans if you can, thanks!