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the fujis on sale at bb is a decent price but last time i bought these there rated 16x but only burns at 8x on my samsung `8x burner :a is there any way to make them burn faster?

Heres a link to a 12% off at staples from 12-10-07 to 12-23-2006.

thnx much for the notice…nice.

I’m still realing from the absolute trash DVDs I purchased on Black Friday. Dynex, Nexxtech… no thanks…

I think I’ll look into the Staples Brand DVD+R. I’ve only got one spindle of Sony YUDEN000 T02 (000) left and need to restock. Strangely enough I have been routinely getting worse burns (though usually still functional) with the TY than I did with my Sony CMC (on a LiteOn 165H6S)

I kind of got the same experience with the 8x cmc disks too. +r were better and less picky on what drive you burned them on. I generally use +r’s for better error correction and better compatibility from bitsetting anyway.

meant 18x

So the consensus is that CMC MAG M01 +R is better than AM3 -R ??

I’d say just the opposite.

Be aware that CMC’s 16x media is not as good as their 8x and slower media, and that the results I’ve gotten from ‘Store-In house’ brands has been noticeably worse with their 16x media vs. ‘name’ brands such as HP, Memorex, and Philips. I haven’t used Staples 16x media but their 8x CMC discs were the only brand that burned noticeably worse than about 6-7 other brands I’ve used. My Office Max branded CMC M01 and AM3 were clearly worse than the same media under other brands, so I believe that these in-house brands are of a lower grade. In both name brands and store brands the AM3 discs were better than the M01 discs from the same brand, but I know some have had better results with M01. Some of my M01 burns were good but they weren’t consistent from disc to disc as my AM3 discs have been. I’m a big fan of older CMC as I’ve had very good results but their 16x media is a lot more hit and miss and is a step back from their 8x media for the most part.

I’ll probably order one 50 pack of the -Rs just to try them out, but I just wanted people to know what sort of results I’ve gotten with store-branded CMC - hopefully these discs are better than those I’ve gotten from Office Max, my Memorex CMC AM3 burns very well. P.S. - up until their 16x discs I preferred CMC’s +R media, although their AF1 and AE1 also burned well for me.

Have any scans of Staples brand CMC M01 or AM3? Thanks in advance if you do. :smiley:

Heres a link that rates the media. Before I post that I have used alot of staples 16x media both plus and minus and the results have been okay but this site does not like them.

That site is full of inaccuracies, I would suggest judging media for yourself and speaking to others on this site and judge from their results.

Here’s a 12x full burn of a CMC I did recently

Solid result (ignoring the one spike), and much better than most of my Office Max brand M01. Was it burned in your Liteon, and if so did you use Hypertuning and/or Online Hypertuning? Thanks again

Of course that can depend to some extent on your burner. Some models might like one better and some might like the other better. I’m not really sure which is supported best with the 16x cmc though with the 8x cmc, I had much beter luck on a few burners anyway with e01, and it seemed to be the same for others (not that -r didn’t work well for some, but e01 worked beter for more people). that is with the 8x media though. Have you burned the 16x cmc on other burners to see how they perform?

I just bought some -Rs, here are the 1st 2 scans, not bad at all. :smiley: Burned at 16X in approx 6:05. Burn as well or better then Verbs on my setup. Well worth the money.
Forget Lordsmurfs site. :doh:

With their 8x discs I also preferred E01, but with these 16x discs I’ve had better overall results with the AM3 discs (with about 5 different burners I’ve tried them on so far). That’s not to say that some won’t have better luck with M01 than AM3, that’s just what I’ve found from the brands I’ve used these discs - it may not hold true with the Staples 16x discs as I haven’t used them, only the 8x variety. Actually my batches of Staples AE1 did better than Staples E01, but I still prefer E01 in most cases.

Looks good, I get better results from my Memorex AM3 discs but those are not bad at all (again better than my Office Max discs). I have practically a lifetime’s worth of media probably at this point so I’m not sure if I should order any or not. :doh: P.S. thanks jm1647 for the burn info.

Scanned and burned in my 160P6S OHT on, no HT.

@ripit - I had good luck with the EO1 also

Dont really need the code, in store price is $7.98, minus $3 ink cartridge coupon = $4.98 a spindle