Next weeks ads (12/3/06 US)

Unfortunately, for the rest of the Christmas season, there is a 50/50 chance that ads will be late like this (if I open at work they will be late, if I close or am off the may be earlier). I’m having to work longer shifts due to extended hours. Even on the late days though, hopefully they will not be this late (I had several minor problems this week that caused a delay and there were 143 scans, the most of any week this year I think).

So without further delay, here they are.

(oh, yea, I got all the ads including staples).

Yo Ripper-

Thanks again - bra -eh!

Thanks again, ripit!

Thanks Ripit.

@ripit - your time and trouble is greatly appreciated!!

And Thanks again for posting the opening link where I got 2 of them 400GB Seagates SATA .10 HDD for $99 each :bow:

This bargain basement makes my day :slight_smile:

Thanks Ripit, I have to work tomorrow and this will give me a jump start.

Thanks ripit :bow:

What opening link?

Many thanks, ripit. :bow:

As for when you are able to post during this busy time of year, I’m not about to complain if a great gift is a bit off schedule and I doubt if others will either. :disagree:

hi ripit
thanks for all your time. :bow:
now go get a insert alcoholic beverage here. you deserve it. :bigsmile:

thanks ripit, it is holiday season, time to give stuffs, gotta head to staples tomorrow and get some staples cmc disc to burn for friends and relatives stuffs, I have a few ink cartdridges left. They burn decent at 12X on my BenQ

The one in this post by ripit a while back :bigsmile:

For ghetocowboy and those considering the Staples house brand DVD media, there is a code to save an extra few bucks.

Staples 50/Pack 4.7GB [B]DVD+R[/B], Spindle
Special Buy
$24.98 Reg Price

  • $12.50 Instant Savings
  • $4.50 Coupon savings ([B]enter code 83838 at checkout[/B])
    = $7.98 FINAL PRICE

Staples 50/Pack 4.7GB [B]DVD-R[/B], Spindle
Special Buy
$24.98 Reg Price

  • $12.50 Instant Savings
  • $4.50 Coupon savings ([B]enter code 68952 at checkout[/B])
    = $7.98 FINAL PRICE

Thanks, ordered 5 of the +R. I was down to my last 300. LOL

Thank you for the scans ripit.

I ordered 6 of the +R, Last time I got them they were CMCM01’s

Free shipping and didn’t have to leave the house or wait in line :bigsmile:


Bought 3 packs of -R the last time. :a Will never do that again. All the +R were first class in everyway and burned as good as my MIJ TY media. If they are as good as the last batch of +R I will be very happy.:cool: :bigsmile: :cool:

I stick with +R no matter what the MID for the bitsetting. I was gonna order ~750 to go with whats left of the 850 $.03 Staples slim jewel cases but I’m running outta storage space :bigsmile: $0.19 total for a good DVD in a slim jewel case…ya can’t get hurt :clap:

Thanks Ripit!

I wasn’t going to get any of the Staples DVD’s as I bought the -R last time and they were horrible!

I did buy two +R’s this time, I will get them Tuesday and post some scans.

Rumor is that the 16X is just a little lower in quality than the 8X. We will see.

Also the -R that I have left will burn fair at 8X and not a full disk.