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Sorry, but I have had issues all morning so I didn’t get finished. I’ll post what I got. I got the office supply stores, all of bestbuy except one page that got shredded, and about half of circuit city done. I didn’t get the media tab done, but look for verbatim at 2 stores (office max and best buy if I recall right). I’ll save you the rant about my morning (gotta get to work anyway).


Thanks. Don’t worry about us, always take care of yourself and family first.




Thanks, ripit。


Thank you:clap: Take care of yourself first!


Thanks ripit.


Thank you ripit once again for the time you take to get out what you can.


Thanks for the post. No worries about it from me either.


You are the man!


Ain’t no thang, but a chicken wang ripit, thanks man.


Thank you once again ripit!


Thanks ripit,


as always. much thanks for doing this. as for home issues, take care of those things first. good luck.


thanks ripit hope all is well over on the southside


Thank you ripit


Thank again ripit :slight_smile: