Next weeks ads (12/24/06 US)

There were very few ads in the newspaper this week (with the stores I normally post or any stores for that matter). I think it might be in part because some stores are not running the typical sun-sat ads (I’ll provide some links).
Anyway, I got compusa, bestbuy and circuit city only (cvs and wallgreens too but they had no media).

The first 4 pages of circuit city and the first page of bestbuy are sun only.

Hopefully all these links work but they are just off their sites.

office depot sat and sun only

staples 12/21 through 12/24

I dont see anything for office max, but last weeks only runs through the 23rd, so I guessing they are going to have something for the 24th. If anyone has it please post it.

I’m guessing they are all going to have after Christmas sales but I haven’t seen anything about them.

Fyi here is compusa fri and sat only (ends today at midnight).

I picked up one of the ati 9550 agp vid cards this morning. It seems like a good price for a budget card (even before rebate) and they are mega overclockable (at least most 9550’s are, I hope this one is). They are underclocked 9600’s so once you remove the clock lock, they will go way up (the memory will then bottle neck you compared to a real 9600 but you still get a good little boost). I’m no expert on vid cards but it seemed like a good deal for a budget card (especially after the 15$ rebate).

Thanks ripit

Thank you ripit.

Thanks ripit!

My guess is that there will be a deluge of as in the Christmas Day newspaper.

Thanks Ripit! There is one more Sears in town that I haven’t checked that may have 8x +R Sony MIJ media for a price match to BB.

Thanks Ripit! Thanks for all your past efforts too! Thanks to you and CD Freaks Bargain Basement … I saved a lot a money in the past few months.

Great job as usual Ripit…

Merry Christmas!!

thanks much as always.

Thank you very much as usual ripit and Merry Christmas to you and to all

God Bless you all :flower:

thanks ripit, happy holidays

Thank you for all you do for us freaks Ripit. I wish you and yours the very merriest of Christmas’s! :slight_smile:


Heres a link to Staples add from Tuesday 12-26-06 till Saturday 12-30-06.

Thanks and Merry Christmas Ripit.

Those Western Digital 250gb HD’s (Sata & IDE) @ BB for $79.99 are a pretty good deal considered they were "on sale) this week as well for $99.99. Might just have to pick one up.

Do as you wish, but let me assure you there are far better deals to be had man. I just snagged a 400 Gig Seagate 7200.10 SATA (5 year warranty) for $99.99 SHIPPED no tax for me. :iagree: $0.25 per gig is the most you should pay if you’re a shopper. :wink:


I grabbed two of those at $69.99 each with no rebate on Black Friday :bigsmile:

I despise shipping something that is that sensitive. My reason is that if it gets dropped once or other unproper handling it could be DOA. Then I’ll have to pay for shipping back to get an RMA and be without the HD for at least a week or 2. Plus at the 'Egg I get charged tax because they have a warehouse in TN.

Buying HD’s retail at least there is a B & M store to return it to if it’s DOA. Minimal lost usage time. Plus I’d need a cable for it anyway which shipped would be $7-8.

I was pleasantly surprised by the 9550. in 3dmark03, my old 8500’s did about 1500, the 64 bit 9550 I have does about 2000 overclocked (gpu 200Mhz@400Mhz, mem 200Mhz). The new 128 bit 9550 from compusa does 2500 stock (250/200) and 3395 overclocked (400/240)!!! Thats about the max mem (without cooling) but thats not even the max gpu (I didn’t have time yet to see fully how far it would go). Its also on an athlon xp2500 so no hot rod cpu bumping up the score. Not bad for a 35$ vid card!!!

With the exception of some of the fry’s deals (there is a fry’s local here), I was thinking that looked like a decent deal for local purchase. 32 cents a gig is pretty good for local purchase.

Happy Holiday Ripit :flower:
Staples new ad is up on their homepage.
Only 2 pages for whole next week though and not much of deals that I expected :sad:
HP DVD ±R 50pk/$13.98 and HP CD-R 100pk/$15.98.
Have a happy holiday everyone. :clap:

Hehehe , and I thought I am the only one with old vid card (Radeon 9800 Pro) :bigsmile:

I thought that you all got 8800GTX SLIs or X1950XTX CF in your computers :stuck_out_tongue: