Next Weeks ads (12/17/06 US)

I had to work a mid shift this week so I’m running pretty late. Due to that, I am posting media only to start with, so only the media tab works now. The rest will be up in a while. good news about next week though, I close so they should be early. verbatim single layer at bestbuy and office max, verbatim 8x dual layer at best buy, sony at compusa.

Fyi, when I first loaded the page, it did not come up right (maybe something cashed since the html is not complete). If it does that, just reload/refresh the page.

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Page comes up just fine-eh! :iagree: :iagree:

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Thanks ripit! I get the media page but not any of the others just to let you know.

thanks much for the info. hope all is well. take it easy

I will try to stay away from buying more media since I have have enough to last years. The 4 MB Flash drive for $64.99 looks interesting.

Thank you ripit.

Thank you Ripit.

Anybody looking for a pretty good hard drive with out rebates:

Hitachi 8 MB cache, 250 GB, PATA.

I believe it has two 125 GB platters, so sustained transfer rates shoul be fast, my 160 GB T7K250 is very snappy, and, you can probably damp seek noise with Hitachi Feature Tool (adjust AAM, which I think this hard drive has).

The rest of the ads are up except for staples


click the upcoming circular tab for staples, credit for them goes to 8mh

comments to follow.

Works now ripit…Thanks again.

Well, as you can see, when I work a mid shift at work, it’s almost fatal to my efforts to do this (they will be online in just a couple of hours on their sites). I didn’t even get home till almost 7pm, and had to go to work to early to do them this morning (the paper wasn’t even available yet). Still, I guess 9pm is better than waiting till midnight. The good thing is it is rare that I work a mid shift (I cannot remember the last time, maybe last Christmas). Next week I work at 4pm so the ads will be out before that though.

I’m guessing you saw the verbatims on sale already. A couple of other things that caught my eye. windows xp upgrade for 40$ after 60$ rebate at office depot.
fry’s (last tab, may be in store only)
conroe e6400 plus ecs motherboard for 220$. I know the ecs boards are crap but under the right circumstances, they work, like if you cannot afford the conroe and a good MB right now, get the conroe and the crappy motherboard for the price of the cpu and upgrade the motherboard later when you got more cash.
antec 500w smart power 2 with modular cable, 50$ with no rebate
400 gig segate for 130$, no rebate limit 2
18x samsung dvd for 50$, no rebate, not the best price (you can get oem ones for 30$) but not to bad for a retail drive locally I guess?

office max (if I read the ad right)
epson r220 for 20$ (no rebate) with purchase of an olympus camera (3 models). Might be good if you need a camera and I think the r220 does cd printing.

Anyway, I’m off to jack up the voltage on this computers cpu and see if I can blow it up (already 1.8v, fsb 420, stock is 333 so ). I wonder how far I can push it?

heck yeah verbs are on sale at bb again :slight_smile: so far they been my fav media

thanks ripit, happy holidays

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