Next weeks ads (12/10/06 US)

So I went out early today to run an errand, and figured I would see if the newspaper was out. The Dallas paper I normally get wasn’t out yet (it normally is delivered kind of late), but the fort worth paper was, and to my surprise, it had all the ads (it normally only has about half of them). So I though I was going to be early today, boy was I wrong!!! The ads are huge (circuit city was like a book). So anyway, after 4.5 hours of working on it, here they are.

There are scans (not the whole ad, just part) from cvs, wallgreens, fry’s and radio shack. These 4 stores are not listed under the media tab, even if they have media on sale. They can be viewed on the last tab (had to save a little time so I can make it to work on time).

Fyi, on media, sony at several stores, staples for 100 packs or bestbuy for 50 packs were the cheapest if I am not mistaken (I’m kind of in a hurry so I didn’t look that hard).

Thanks, ripit :clap:
BB has Sony 50 pack for $12.99,Sears still might have the YUDEN made Sony 8x, for a PM :smiley:

Thanks ripit, as always your dedication is appreciated!

Thank you for the work ripit. It is definitely much appreciated.

Thanks for the heads up, ripit!

Anyone know what department Sears keeps the media in? Home Office? Entertainment Software? Home Electronics?


Thanks again ripit!

Lots of thanks, ripit! :bow:

Thanks Ripit.

You’re the greatest, Ripit ! :iagree:

Here is a link to 12% off at staples.

Thank you very much ripit .
BB’s Sony for 12.99 is better than Staples’ 14.99 for PM @ Sears of course :wink:

I can get TY T02 here in Egypt just because of you ripit :bigsmile:


After The Black Friday look like there is no interesting sale going on.

OMG theyre selling de core 2 duo + motherboard upgrade at frys.

Thanx for the scans ripit

The motherboard is ECS which for the type processor is just piece of junk. If you are willing to pay $300 for proceesor you might as well buy high end motherboard for it.

thanks much for the info on this…nice.

Thanks again ripit!

Who can confirm/reject that?

It is just luck , you have to go to Sears and look for yourself .
With the last Sony media sale , my brother got me TY Sonys from Sears for 25.11$ per 100 including tax . Most people get their media from somewhere else , not from Sears , that’s why they have stock of TY left :smiley:

It’s only 160$ for the processor and motherboard. The processor alone is 181$ on newegg right now so the motherboard is less than free in a sense. I fully agree that they are crap but in most cases they are usable. I had one that lasted less than a year (not too bad for a free board I guess) and another that I have been running for a couple of years that still works fine (I have also exchanged a couple of them when bought because they were doa). I have ran the same processor/memory in an ecs board and an abit board, and you are right , you take a performance hit for using the board, but its not too bad. You couldn’t get a good motherboard and cpu for 160$ that could beat it performance wise. As a temporary board till you you can afford a good board (if you are poor like me), or for a second system or something, they do the job, and if you get a bad one or one that doesn’t last that long, your not really out any money on the fry’s deals.
Don’t get me wrong, I agree about getting a good board (I run 2 abit boards and 1 ecs board in my 3 systems), but for free, they work most of the time, and if they dont, your out nothing. I would defanatly recommend building the system fast though, to make sure you get a working board, while there is still time to exchange it. I have a friend that works at fry’s and they get a lot back doa, and I do not think they have any warranty.