Next weeks ads 11/30/08 US)



I got the office supply stores, bestbuy, walgreens and frys. There was no media at target or sears and I didn’t get a cvs or circuit city ad. I’m kind of wondering if they don’t want to pay to put the ad in the early edition due to the bankruptcy (they already went from nice glossy coated paper to really cheap looking news print)? It wouldn’t make much sense and the ads boost sales though? Verbatims at office max. Fyi, sorry for chopping the edge off bestbuy. I’m in a hurry (spend hours at a car dealer this morning, got a 2005 toyota corolla with 106k for 6500$). Fyi, a big thanks to tropic!!! I posted asking advice about ddr2 memory, and he sent me 2 1gb sticks of mushkin ddr2 (pc8500 if I recall right) for free!!! The extra memory really helped with slowdowns doing the ads (web browsers with lots of windows, filezilla, photoshop, scanning software, folders, image viewers, note pads etc all going at once).


Thanks ripit.


much thanks for the work. see what else i can buy from the internet. thanks.


Thanks Ripit.


Thank you once again ripit! And a thank you to our friend tropic dude :cool: :clap:


Thanks ripit


Thanks ripit.


Good luck with the car.:wink:


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Thank-You ripit!


Thanks ripit.


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Thanks ripit!


Thanks ripit, it seems we didnt miss much if we didnt get out there at 4:00AM on Friday. :disagree:


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