Next weeks ads (11/27/05 US)

I almost thought I wouldn’t get them out today. A couple of days ago I installed fixit utilities and it wiped out my registry (running on another computer)

I didn’t have time to check them out so I hope they all work ok. I got all the ads I normally post by the way.

Thanks ripit very good and nice information on next week sale almost at every where.

Some good media choices…thanks ripit.

Is that BFG 6200 OC at Best Buy worth it???
I currently have a 5700 LE (agp) with 256mb…is the 6200 worth the upgrade/price??
Or should I wait to see if a more powerful card goes on sale soon??

Karelj, As I can see in your sig you have and use Verbatim 16X, have burn any with these disc if so how is your experiece with them are the grade “A” quality?. Recently I bought 200 of them but have not burn any yet.

which one is better? the Verbatim 16x DVD-R or DVD+R’s?
going to go pick them up tomorrow. went today and couldn’t anything :frowning:

Both Office Max and CompUSA have Verbetim DVD+/_R on sale starting tomorrow.

My vote would go to the +R.

Awesome job Ripit!

I agree 100%. I am going to get as many as they have. At 7.99 for 25 for 16x+ media, you can’t get 16x media for that price anywhere.

Isnt The Mad dog DVD burner a NEC ND-4550, thats in the Circuit city ad?

Thanks again ripit

hey go:
i’m no nec guru, butt i think the nec burner in the compusa ad is the 4550. i thought i saw that in nec forum. hopefully someone that is more informed than i can give definitive answer.

Yes I can tell you it is an Nec 4550 rebadged with Ram support.

Thanks ripit!

It seems that this week sale is more interesting than the Black Friday sale (except for the laptop).

Hmm… that laptop RAM (Kingston 512MB) for $49.99 at BB looks like a good deal. The cheapest I can find @pricegrabber for the same product is $52.

I’m not sure where the 6200 falls in the NVidia line but I know 6600 cards are very nice - my friend just upgraded to a 6600 from an old ATI card. He did a bunch of reasearch on various cards before going with the 6600 and I think he came to the conclusion that the 6600 was the “sweet spot” for price/performance in an AGP card.

An EVga 6600 w/256MB can be had for $113+$4.99 shipping from Newegg:

If you don’t know about Newegg, they’re 100% reliable, I’ve spent lots of money with them and they’re always great. EVga makes good cards - I just got their 7800GTX (from Newegg of course) and have been very happy with it.

Thanks ripit !!! This has to take a lot of your time every weekend. I’m sure we all appreciate it. I know I do. :clap:

As far as the verbatums, they are very good media. As far as + or -, I have always had beter luck with + in general, but there was recently a cdfreaks article (or maybe it was in the news), that claimed that +r was actually the beter format, from a technical standpoint, not nessasarilly refering to any particular media, but rather addressing the format. Also, if bitset, +r is more compatible.

Actually the better deal is the 50pk for 14.99 at the same store, office max. 2 25 pks @ 7.99 = 15.98. The 50 pk is 99 cents cheaper.

Thanks ripit as always.

I have one to add. Walgreens has TDK 50pk DVD+R and -R 8x or TDK 100pk 52x cdr’s for $17.99.

I checked target but didn’t have time to check walgreens or cvs so thanks(guess I could have added it after work). I realized at the last minute (when I was going to be late for work), that I didn’t even have filezilla on the new computer!!! I had to panick, download and install it, find my login info, find the password (bitching and swearing the whole time lol). My main internet rig still has a toasted registry and no internet (winsock or however you spell it error). I had to get internet running on my old pos celeron computer (killed my win98 gaming machine and did a fresh xp install). My other main rig (my fastest, best computer) is not and will never be conected to the internet. I don’t want antivirus/spyware programs etc. and whatever else killing all the speed I got overclocking it. Xp has also ran stable for 2 years without reinstall on it.

Speaking of adding another deal.
300 gig maxtor (I know, its a maxtor), 89.99 at fry’s, no rebates!!! I know it is not as good as some of the other deals but again, no rebates. I am pretty sure it is good instore and online through tue.
here is the pata which started fri
The sata doesn’t go on sale till sunday. I cannot find it on their site online but the part number is 4116853. Hopefully it will be good online tomorow too (right now I cannot find it on their site on sale or at full price). It will at least be good instore though.

Off topic: get this to fix your winsock, has fixed many of systems I’ve worked on.

Good Luck