Next weeks ads (11/26/06 US)

for those of you that are not completely broke after black Friday or didn’t get what you wanted (I know I am beyond broke), here they are. I got all the ads this week (including staples for a change). As far as media, verbatims, imation, maxell, memorex, hp. The verb single layer are not the cheapest I have seen (7$ for 25) but cheap enough if you really need some. The verb dual layer are good though (1.50$ per disk, 20 pack). Lets hope these 1.50 per disk prices we are seeing are a permanent new price point instead of 2$ ea.

So here they are.

Thanks again ripit!!!

Awesome, as usual. Thanks

Thanks very much, ripit. Your Saturday posts are a high point of the day! :flower:

Yeah, it saves me all that trouble of having to load up all the pages after midnight to check out the sales. Cuts right to the chase and saves me time.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Thanks Ripit!

I didn’t spend a dime on BF :o

Thanks ripit.

Thanks, Ripit. I just found out about this regular weekly posting last week. Thanks for providing a service for us media hounds…


thanks ripit. damn BF crowds grabbed up all the best buy 100pk daxons before i got there.

Thanks Ripit.

everything looks so much more expensive after black friday… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :doh:
but still thanks…for sharing the ads…

From what I hear, they were garbage (made in China).

yeah. i guess it was a good thing

Lite-On burner for $30 @ CompUSA, may have to check it out. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ripit!

The Liteon burner is a 1635S, No label on the box anywhere to tell you what it is. I took mine out to the car and opened it and sealed it right back up and returned it. I have had bad luck with this model in the past. I got there right when they opened and there were only 3 on the shelf. Just thought you fellow freaks would like to know.

thanks ripit, how was your turkey??

yep! I need to slow down on spending after BF.

The one I got was a 160P6S. Thats what I was looking for. I said to hell with it and opened it in the store first since it didn’t say on the box what model it was. By the picture on the box it looks like a 1693 or older because it shows a volume control on the faceplate. :confused:

You can order a 160/165 series from Newegg for a bit over $30 and be sure you get what you want.

Yup. I’ve been pretty happy with the 160P both as a burner and a scanner. As soon as Newegg puts the retail boxed one on sale with free shipping again I’m going to snag another.