Next weeks ads (11-23-08 US)

Theres not as much this week. No staples ad (they had a little one page thing on their web site). there is no office max ad (at least nothing on their site and nothing in the early edition paper). There is no media at cvs, sears or target. I got bestbuy, circuit city, office depot, fry’s sun ad, and wallgreens. The bestbuy ad is going to be a major pain to scan so I’m posting everything else right now and will post the best buy ad in a little while after I scan it. I’ll give you a heads up on bestbuy though, verbatim 50pk dvd for 10$. Fyi I think all the ads are 4 day ads.

Thanks ripit, its so close to Black Friday I dont think many will be shopping yet. But you never know.:wink:

[QUOTE=alan1476;2161997]Thanks ripit, its so close to Black Friday I dont think many will be shopping yet. But you never know.;)[/QUOTE]

I was thinking more along the lines of the black friday ads being so crappy this year, we might as well see what else gets advertized. I’m hoping BF sales suck so bad they decide for some better sales after.

that is what i was thinking. havent seen anything from BF ad that has jumped out at me. might get some sleep this time around. hehe. thanks for the ads. most nice as always.

thanks ripit.

Thank you once again ripit!

I was looking for a 32" tv (till my car broke down and I need the money). It seems like the going cheapest sale price is 400$ for the cheapos for the last couple of weeks. The cheapest on black friday, drum roll…


Best buy is up. What a giant pain in the but. I can see why no one on any of the deal sites posted scans (at least none I found last night or this morning). Sorry about the edges of some of the pages being chopped off. I’m working on a way to fix it.
I also fixed wallgreens (it was showing circuit city’s media).

Thanks ripit, I have been along time lurker and now I get to thankyou for all your hard work.:wink:

Thanks, ripit.

thanks man

Thanks ripit.

Thank you ripit

thanks ripit

Thanks again ripit :slight_smile:

Thanks ripit,

I picked up a 100-pack of MIM 16x TDK DVD+Rs (DAXON AZ3) for $17.99 at OfficeMax, by doing a price match to Office Depot. Office Depot didn’t have any MIM TDK, but I found two spindles at OfficeMax. Normally I wouldn’t touch 16x TDK with a ten-foot pole, but it seems that the MIM Daxon is good, and if you can figure out which packs contain it, the PRODISC R05 can be decent.

BTW, are the TDK CD-Rs CMC or something else?