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Good morning! It is time to take a look at this week’s in-store media roundup. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday!!

Office Max: Magnavox 16x +R and -R 100 packs, $ 12.99 (11/26-11/27 only)

Staples: Staples 16x +R and -R 100 packs, $ 9.99 (exp. 11/26)

Staples: Staples 52x CD-R 700mb 50 packs, $ 1.99 (exp. 11/26)

Staples: Sony 16x +R and -R 100 packs, $ 24.99

Staples: Sony 16x +R and -R 50 packs, $ 14.99

Staples: Sony 48x CD-R 700mb 100 packs, $ 9.99

Best Buy: Dynex 52x CD-R 700mb 50 packs, $ 4.99

Best Buy: Dynex 16x +R and -R 25 packs, $ 4.99

Best Buy: HP 16x +R and -R 50 packs, $ 7.99

Best Buy: TDK 52x CD-R 700mb 100 packs, $ 9.99

Best Buy: Verbatim 4x BD-R 3 packs, $ 9.99

Best Buy: Verbatim AZO 16x +R LS 25 packs, $ 12.99

Best Buy: Verbatim 52x CD-R LS 700mb 25 packs, $ 9.99

Best Buy: Verbatim AZO 2.4x DVD+R DL 20 packs, $ 24.99

Office Depot: Memorex 16x +R and -R 50 packs, $ 10.99

Office Depot: Memorex 48x CD-R 700mb Designs 10 packs, $ 1.99

Office Depot: Memorex 52x CD-R 700mb with case 100 packs, $ 10.99

Radio Shack: Memorex 16x +R and -R 25 packs, $ 3.99

Radio Shack: Memorex 52x CD-R 700mb 30 packs, $ 3.99

Fry’s: Optimum 16x +R and -R 100 packs, $ 12.99

Fry’s: Memorex 8x BD-R 15 packs, $ 19.99

Thanks Broham! LOL

Thanks a bunch, don’t eat too much turkey Thursday

Thanks Dalen,

Thanks! :slight_smile: Can anyone out there confirm if the Made in Taiwan Staples brand DVD-Rs are RITEKF1 media code? Think they used to be, but I’m not sure now. I have an old PS2 which loves Riteks. (my Gamecube used to as well)

Nevermind. Just checked the Staples DVD-R packaging in one of the stores, and I could tell it was going to be some variation of CMC MAG, and not Ritek. :frowning: Font / pattern on the spindle itself matched the HP and Verbatim CMCs I’ve purchased in the past, both of which hiccuped on my devices.

Thank you Dalen.