Next weeks ads [11/20-Compusa/BB/Media only]

fujifilm 50pack cdr
tdk 50pack dvdr-plus/minus
all items for sale only for 3 days!

dynex 50pack cdr @ 6.99 [4 days only sale]

I did not see any other media for sale at BB with this four day only sale flyer. Maybe they will come up with another flyer this Sunday.

With this post I am ending my current involvement with ripit’s post. Each week I am getting less flyers and there are weeks which I do not get anything at all. I feel that I am not helping ripit’s post at all and I do not want to waste his valuable time. Certainly, the forum can forgo one less junk post. Also, I notice that a number of members are now posting previews of media sale. So it is time for me to step down.

My apologies to everybody. [But if I see a good media sale I will certainly let you know!]

jimcooper > Thank you for all your posts here. I think the reason it’s a 4 day sale is Thanksgiving(thursday) and Black Friday are next week. Have a good en’ and thanks again.

:bow: Thanks for your help and support.

I saw a few MIJ TDK spindles at CompUSA a few days ago. How often do you find MIJ TDK??? The MIJ spindle looks different than the MIT spindle. The MIJ spindle has grooves on the base of the spindle. So good luck on landing MIJ spindles guys because not many are out there.

Dumb question…but are there any hard drive sales???

hey kar:
wait for black friday. there will be plenty of hard drives on sale. just an ie. 160 gb sata drive $20.00 after reabte.

Actually, on the same Compusa flyer, a Hitachi 400GB IDE will be on sale for $199.99 after rebate.