Next weeks ads (11/20/05 US)

Not sure if you guys even want this (since the black friday deals are probably going to be so much beter) but anyway, here it is.
I didn’t get an office depot ad (kind of strange, they have had ads every week for quite some time).
I didn’t get a staple ad last week or this week (so I didn’t even have anything to scan). I could have sworn that someone said that they were running a two week sale on last weeks ad but on there web site, it says good through the 19th. I’ll check in a little while (at another location) and see if the paper has staples or office depot). I’ll add them if I get them.
I did get
office max good 11/20-11/26
circuit city good 11/20-11/23
best buy good 11/20-11/23
compusa good 11/20-11/22
walgreens (cvs and target didn’t have any media)
I only have access to the sunday ads early so unfortunatlly I will not be posting any of the black friday ads (be sure to check the black friday thread for some good links though).

Thanks again!

I see HP 16x DVD+R OfficeMax looks to be PHILIPS.C16 on Videohelp.

Anyone know what the -R is??

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Hello Guys,

Sorry for my ignorant, but what is this “black Friday” thing? It is my first time seeing it and have no idea. Would someone kindly spell it out for me and others who may have not heard of it.


Black friday is the day after thanksgiving. I think walmart was one of the first to start it several years back. They open at 5-6am (sometimes as early as midnight) and have sales only good for a few hours, often very limited quantities, and often prices advertised far below cost. Plan on spending hours in line. It is called black friday because it is the first day of the year when retailers go into the black instead of the red for the year (become profitable) though it is also black because it can be a nightmare to shop it (I work retail and people get insane even to the points of fist fights and such to get the deals before stock runs out). Look for another thread in the bargain basment about black friday deals. Many of the major retailers ads have been leeked so you can see a lot of the stuff that is going to be on sale.


Thank you. That is interesting. I will search for the thread. I want to get a 300-400GB hard drive and I am so happy to discover this thread–your thread. Also, I appreciate you posting the ads for the different stores. I am close to 200 miles away from a major eletronic/computer store, like BestBuy or COmpusa, and your post allows me to decide whether to go into town or not. Your effort make the difference for me, and I am sure for others as well.

Best wishes,


I feel as though I’m either prematurely jaded or just an idiot by asking this, but any idea what the mfr code on the HP DVDs are? Actually, just realized I’m probably the latter, since the ad won’t mention it. However, anyone who’d like to research this is welcome to let me know. :slight_smile:

No DVD media on sale at Best Buy; this week’s best effort on their part is a 50-pack of Memorex for $29.99, $10 off regular price. Huh.

Your answer is here:

Ask it to search for HP, 16x, and you will see:’s database doesn’t have 16x -R HP media yet, it’s just beginning to appear in retail.

I’m guessing that they are saving the good deals for black friday (like most stores, thats why I didn’t figure there would be a lot of intrest in this ad). Among the best buy reports for black friday.
all fuji dvd media half price
75 dynex dvd+r/25 dynec cd-r 2.99 after rebate (no ide the amount of the rebate)
memorex 15 pack dual layer 29.99 (yea right, I returned some of that crap when I got them for 25$ for 25).

Anybody elso bothered to dig though all the leeked ad sites to find any media on sale for black friday?

Office depot 25 pack maxell 4.99$ (that one actually sounds pretty good).

circuit city 50 pack nextech dvd media 6.99 (I wonder if we will be able to id the 50 packs and find mcc like the 25 packs).

the black friday ads I’ve sifted through have been pretty disappointing media wise. the only thing that caught my eye was fuji half off at best buy, but you figure a 50 pack usually goes for “regular” about $35 minimum, so you get it for $17.50. no different than the regular sales. I’m waiting until I actually get the ads I guess to look more closely for stuff. If I spot anything good, This will be the first place I post!

the maxell’s +'s i got from OD this week was ritek g03’s so i centerly stocking up on them at BF for $5 for 25 thats a good deal going to try and geat at least 300 of them :smiley:

The Ritek Go3 are decent but not what I would call premium media. What kind of burner do you have and what results have been getting. Do you scan your burns. I would love to see a Disc Quality scan of a G03.

Look for maxells that are made in japan. They will be maxell media codes and are beter than ritek. 8x+r specifically is maxell002 (-r mij are mxl??? media codes).

I will be going to OfficeMax Wednesday to grab some HP -R 16x’s.

If anyone gets any before I do “please” post the Media code, I will do the same and post a couple of scans if anyone is interested.


00000000 00 EA 00 00 01 40 C1 FD 9E D8 52 00 02 84 0D 12 …@…R…
00000010 98 99 90 00 03 43 4D 43 20 4D 41 00 04 47 2E 20 …CMC MA…G.
00000020 41 4D 33 00 05 88 80 00 00 00 02 00 06 09 0D 14 AM3…

Worked fine so far on my NEC3520 - burned and scanned (with Nero) 6 @ 8x and 6 @ 12x - then after burning sacnned with DVDinfoPro - all 12 passed both scans :smiley: