NEXT WEEKS ads (11/19/06 US)

The odds were really against me getting them out this week. Here they are though. The media tab doesn’t work but all scans are there (I will fix the media tab in a little while). Verbatims at best buy for 13$ for 50 by the way. No staples by the way but I got the rest.

When you first click the link it will looked messed up (because the media tab is the first tab). Just click any of the store tabs for the ads though and they will work.

Thank ripit,

I plan my week by this thread :slight_smile:

i have awaited for this all day. THANKS

ripit i appreciate all the hard work you do…let me take ya out for a beer sometime :wink:

Whew! I thought something might’ve happened to you, ripit…

ripit – thank you! your dedication is evident each and every week. :slight_smile:

Media tab works now. It looks like that verbatim at best buy (light scribe or normal dvd) is the best bet this week, unless you are holding out for some black friday deals on media.
Thanks SS, I could use a beer after the day I have had. Typical retail, they only scheduled about half the people they should have at work, so the store was out of control and it was hell on me. I get back from lunch and a manager is on the manager register (not enough cashiers) and the district manager is running on my register, on a manager number, not my number. So my drawer is 312$ over, and after counting the manager till, there is still lots of extra money. Turns out the change drawer ran out and no one could get change from the office (all the managers were on register), so he started giving out change from my drawer. Of course I had to stay late to fix it all. I found where all but 8$ of the cash was suposed to be. Of course I left a pile of refunds, credit card slips etc. that were all mixed up between drawers for the manager to fix (kept telling him I had to go and he wasn’t happy about it). So on the way home, I run out of gas…
I get the ads scanned (and ask my wife a couple of times to call office max to see when they close). So at 7:40 she calls and they close at 8:00!!! There was a phone on sale cheap that I wanted (last day of the sale). So she goes to get it for me, and I work on the ads and watch the baby (the html and uploading). Did I mention that the computers are in the back room that contains everything from the house that we moved so the baby didn’t destroy it?). So he proceeds to empty out several drawers onto the floor, keeps throwing stuff at the keyboard as he see me using it, keeps trying to walk around the back (to rip wires out of the computer). Lets just say it was a challange to finish the ads. I waited till she got back home to fix the media tab (the baby was too out of control).

I think I’m gonna need a couple of beers!!!

Fyi thanks budzos for posting the office max thing (thats the phone I got).

Yeah, good deal on those Verbies at Best Buy - Instant Rebates too - no mail in stuff.

Thanks for the post!

Thanks Ripit! I’m getting ready to go out in the garage and grab a couple of cold ones myself. Enjoy.

is the 100pks for 17.99 at Oiffce depot any good? i cant find them on video help

thanks much for the heads up on these…time for more dvd blanks.

Its hard to say as they have not been out for that long. That is office depots new store brand. I have mostly heard guesses as to what they might be though there is a little info here.
Until a few more people decide to be guinea pigs and try them I’m not sure well know. You can try office depot brand on video help to see what they have been but theres no guarentees that the new brand will be the same.

Thanks as always for the effort, ripit. Is anyone else annoyed by ads that say, “low price”? Last time I checked, "low price " wasn’t a number.

Does anyone know for sure what those Ativa discs are? Ritek F1? RICOHJPN R03? CMC AM3?

I Wonder if these stores ad represent “Black Friday” Sales also?.

Not from what I have seen in past years or in these ads. In the ads I posted

best buy-good November 19-22 so they are not even good during black friday.

circuit city-good November 19-22

office max-good November 19-25 so they are good through black friday, but I would imagine they will have special bf deals.

compusa November 19-22 also.

office depot is also November 19-22.

For those with a Microcenter nearby, these ads are apparently good through December 3rd.

Deals include a Samsung 18x DVD +/- R/RW for $30 and slim jewel cases for $10.

just meet me at the bar…I’m buying…and its an all you can drink date :wink: just don’t tell the wife :wink: last time was a bit strange :bigsmile: just go ahead and say you’ve got an out-of-town trip and i’ll arrange you a hotel room :flower:

I’ll bet thats the best invatation Ripit has had on this forum.:clap: :iagree:

I think the +Rs are CMC MAG M01. Unfortunately, it seems that OD branded RICOHJPN R03 may be history. :sad: