Next weeks ads (11/13/05 US)

Verbatium dual layer on sale at best buy agan. Some sony, maxell, verbatium, memorex and tdk dvd/cd at other stores. I didn’t get staples this week (checked the Fort Worth and Dallas papers). This is a media preview only. Only the media tab works. The full scans will be up in a couple of hours (and the rest of the tabs will work). Enjoy!!!

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nice! thanks!

staples has been my place lately because of the # of empty ink cartridges I have. looks like i’ll be pricematching some more sony there tomorrow!

I have bestbuy bucks left so I guess am heading to bestbuy tomorrow for some sonys if I can find any MIJ spindles. That way I dont have to go thru PM process at Staples.

Thanks Ripit

Full scans are up.

I ran into a few issues this week. Obviously it took longer and the full scans were out kind of late (especially since I had to work the morning shift). It took longer since the ads were about half again bigger compared to the past (must be the holiday season). I used about 1.5 times the space on the cdfreaks server that I am allowed to this week (OOOPS!!!). I have pm’ed them about it. Not only for purposes of space, but also for purposes of time (for days that I work the evening shift and have to post before work), I may have to leave a little more out of the ads if they keep getting bigger, sorry. I’ll try to get as much as possible of the electronics and such. Another thing I might do is cut the office max ad out. It has come to my attention that they post it on their web site saturday morning anyway. I’ll of course include their media in the media tab though. I’ll also verify each week if I plan on skipping it, that they do infact have the next weeks ad on their site sat morning.
Let me know your thoughts…

Does anyone know anything about the tv tuner card at compusa for 40$ - 20 instant = 20$ (last page of ad)? Not that I need another one, but my aver doesn’t have a remote and the remote reciever on my pinacle is dead, and the one at compusa has a full size remote control. The two cards I already have are terible about needing a very strong signal to get a good picture too (though I’m guessing the one at compusa isn’t liklly to be beter for the price).

Thanks again for your effort in posting these scans. :bow:

Nice! The Verbatim DL 10 pk are on sale for $20 at BB. :smiley:

He’s doing fine. Just got over a cold (nothing out of the ordinary). Getting pretty strong too. He can stand on his own as long as he has something to hold onto to keep his ballance (not bad for 5 months).

I’m hoping this means that prices are going to continue to come down on dual layer. Now micro center, office max and best buy a copule of times, have had verbatim dual layer at this price and compusa had memorex (I know they are crap) for 25$ per 25. It will be interesting to see what black friday as well as the whole holiday season has in store for dual layer prices.

:bow: yahoo, i missed the last one. not this-time!!!
got two today & goin back for 2 more tomarrow!!and reading ripit’s post above they still might get cheeper!! yahoo for bf & the holidays!!!
thanks as allways ripit!! and keep on posting.your allways my first read on a sunday morning!! :iagree: :iagree:

YMMV, but the Staples ad we got last week (southern Oregon) was good through the day before Thanksgiving, so they may not be printing weeklies until after Black Friday.

Looking on their site, it looks like the ad for my area is through the day before thanks giving too so I’m guessing that is national. Speaking of staples, since I didn’t get or post their ad, they have imation 100 packs for 25$. here is what they could be
they also have a pacific digital burner for 70 - 30 easy rebate = 40$. Anyone know what the 16x pacific digitals are?

thanks ripit


Thanks for doing all of these scans, it really saves me time rooting through all of the local papers to find adds. To answer your question about the Pacific Digital drive, see your ‘next weeks adds’ thread for last week. I got one of these and it turned out to be a woefully inadequate old Samsung drive–which only did one thing right according to the speeds listed on the box. I’d avoid them. You can mail order a good drive from many places for that same price–and you don’t have to wait 10-12 weeks to get your $30 back. So, uhhh, ‘avoid them like the plague’ would be my advice. Thanks, again!

Micro Center has one of the Mad Dog 16x drives (NEC 3520 I think) for 29.99 after 30 mail in rebate. Mad Dog gives you a 2 year warranty.