Next weeks ads (11/12/06 US)

Well, so much for being early this week (had some things come up that I had to do first). On top of that, files were slow to upload and there were some transfer errors. The file speed is due to other transfers using up my bandwidth on this end (so not a problem), I’m not sure if that is what cause the few file transfer errors. On top of that, time warner cable (comcasts contract ended in my area and I was automatically switched over) sucks!!!

Not too much for media this week, some sonys and stuff. You will probably notice that compusa is not on the media tab, its not a mistake, they didn’t ahve any advertised.
It looks like some of the more basic christmas sales are showing up (cheap dvd movies at circuit city etc) and ads are continuing to get bigger.
Also, playstation 3 with blue ray advertised this week (avalable nov 17 if I am not mistaken).

It looks like last weeks staples ad (the 2 page one) was infact it for last week and I didn’t get a staples ad this week.

I included part of frys again (e6300+MB combo and a couple 400 gig drives)

Anyway, I’m still waiting for the files to finish uploading as I type this, but nothing left to ramble on about, so I’ll click post when they finish uploading.


(fyi, on a side note, since there were some file transfer errors, pleas let me know if there are any missing/damaged scans).

HEY!! Thanks Ripit!

Thanks again ripit!

Thanks Ripit, your dedication is a greatly appreciated.:clap:

Thank you so much ripit :clap: :bow:

Does anybody know who makes Sony DVD+R DL media ?

According to Videohelp, The Sony’s are MKM. Just make sure the packaging says “Made in Singapore.”

100pk Fuji media for $25, wonder if I could find me some T02’s, not likely, but worth a look.

Thanks for the scans ripit. :bow:

Thanks Ripit!

Thank you for the scans ripit.

Thanks very much, ripit! :bow:

Thanks ripit :bow:

thanks ripit, we love you

Best Buy Sony DL media, should be MKM code (if made in Singapore as I ran accross Singapore made Sony DL media in pack of 5), for $39.99, but how many disc in that spindle??? if it is 25 disc then it is decent deal, around $1.60 each disc. Since the ad is cut off, so can some1 confirm if it is 25 disc spindle or 20 disc spindle. It could be TY DL if the spindle is MIJ, I am hoping it is MIJ because I want to test it out. I love MKM DL since they are so good, but I want to fulfil my curiosity.

Pretty sure it’s a 25 pack. If you look at the picture of the spindle in the ad, there’s a big, blurry, yellow “25”. Plus, it says $30 instant savings, and Best Buy has them for regular price of $69.99.

They are 25 packs. That must have been one of those file transfer errors (I have seen it chop part of the scan in the past when there is a transfer error too). I just reuploaded that page so that it shows the rest (the original scan was fine). If you see anymore like that let me know and I will reupload them (best buy and circuit city in particular, should be full page scans).

Thanks ripit; I was wondering Office Depot which has Sony 25 pack DVD+RW for $9.99 this week they also have Sony DVD-RW on sale for the same price?.

thanks for the reuploading ripit, so it is $1.60 each disc, pretty high chance of MKM code, but low chance of TY and others since I saw Sony 5 pack at CompUSA are made in Singapore

Sony DVD+R DL is MIT, no MIS I’ve seen so far.( at least for last two months at my local Best Buy and Office Depot- Its right next to grocery store, so I check whenever I go for a grocery shopping :wink: )
Since its MIT I guess it is Ritek made. :confused:

I do not think TY ever made DL, even in Japan inferior use. Am I wrong?
Because I never even seen any DL in TY’s own That’s brand DVDs in DL yet when I visited short time ago. :confused:

The only MIT I would buy is Verbatim the rest I would have second thought to buy with MIT.

I can confirm that the Best Buy Sony DVD+R DL 25-packs are made in Taiwan. The model number is 25DPR85LS1 and the UPC code is 027242703209.

Has anyone taken the chance and purchased them? If so, can you confirm the media ID?

Does Verbatim truly only make MKM001 discs in Singapore?


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