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Good morning, fellow myce! It is time for this week’s in-store media roundup. Verbatim is on special this week at BB. Maxell BD-R is on special at Fry’s.

Best Buy: Verbatim 16x +R and -R 50 packs, $ 12.99

Best Buy: Verbatim 2.4x +R DL 20 packs, $ 29.99

Office Depot: Memorex 16x +R and -R 100 packs, $ 22.99

Office Depot: TDK 52x CD-R 700mb 50 packs, $ 7.99

Fry’s: Maxell 4x BD-R 15 packs, $ 24.99

Fry’s: Verbatim 52x CD-R 700mb 100 packs, $ 11.88

Office Max; Memorex 16x +R and -R 100 packs, $ 29.99

Office Max: Memorex 16x +R LS 50 packs, $ 24.99

Office Max: Memorex 52x CD-R LS 10 packs, $ 9.99

Walgreens: Maxell 16x +R and -R 25 packs, $ 9.99

Walgreens: Maxell 52x CD-R 700mb 50 packs, $ 9.99

Walgreens: Maxell 52x CD-R Music 30 packs, $ 9.99

Staples: HP 16x -R (only) 100 packs, $ 24.98

Staples: HP 52x CD-R 100 packs, $ 16.98


Thanks Dalen


Thanks. Looks like I will getting some of those +R Verbs… Since the JVC Taiyo Yudens T03 are not that good.


Mahalo Dalen!


Thank you Dalen




Thanks Dalen,


BTW, I’m just back from Fry’s – they have 100 packs of Ridata 16x +R and -R in the new MyEco branding for $ 11.99 each. I was just in time, they only had a few packs left of +R.


WOW! These Ridata are some of the best Ritek F16 that I’ve ever had… only negative seems to be that the writing surface on the top of the discs is not embossed nor silver shiny. It seems to have a moire effect with a plastic coating.

Burned here at full 16x! Yes, 16x!


Newegg has the Verbatim DVD+r 100 Pack for $23.99 with free shipping.

or the DVD-R. Same price $23.99



I’d wait a bit… there HAS to be some BF deals coming our way in just 3 short weeks! :slight_smile:
FYI, I’m now under 50qty of my Verbatim DVD+R’s from last year. I also have about 20 dvd+r lightscribe discs from about 6 months newer then the 2 100pack+rs from last year. There were about 20 coasters I estimate. Has anyone had a disc fully burn… then Nero just locks up and pretends the drive is still recording at 100% ?!?WTH is that? I do a soft reboot of my system to get the drive to unlock… and I consider the disc a coaster. This more often than not happens if I’m burning a couple of discs in a row as opposed to a 1-off burn (if that matters). Many of these dvd+r’s I’m burning (when I check them) are in the 200-1000pif range. It also helps if you DO NOT TOUCH the surface of the disc prior to burning or let anything touch it-- go straight from pack to tray! Also, your hands must be clean and moisture free grasping the disc from the edges and/or center hole.