Next weeks ads (11/09/08 US)

Wallgreens: all sony, 2pk +r dl, 25 pack cd-r prinatable, 30 pack cd-r music, 50 pack cd-r data, 25 pack dvd, your choice, 8.99

cvs: 30 pack fuji cd-r 9.99

target: memorex 50 pack cd-r or 25 pk dvd 8.99

No media at radio shack or sears.

I’m not scanning the frys ad (at least not right now).

The office supply stores, best buy and circuit city are scanned.

For those that didn’t read my post, I didn’t post last week because my car fatally died (It would cost more to fix than its value). I’m driving a rental right now and don’t really have any good options (but I better come up with some quick). Buy a cheap pos car for now, and try to fix the old one myself I guess (it will probably take quite a while to diagnose and fix). We needed a second car anyway. Thats why I’m so late today even though I was off of work (not to mention all hell has broke loose since the car, babys dangerously ill, code enforcement has been sniffing around and taking pictures of my apartment etc).

sorry to hear about your car,baby,and the nosy people! Thank you once again ripit!

Mahalo! ripit! You da man! :slight_smile:

Very sorry to hear your baby is ill ripit. Above and beyond the call to keep on posting scans in your situation. Thanks for the continued effort, and here’s hoping your fortunes improve.

Was hoping for Verbies on sale at BB, but not to be.

Thanks ripit.

Sorry to hear about your baby and car.

Thank you again, and best wish.

Thanks ripit. Hope all ur family issues workout 4 u. Take care of that baby. Good luck with your car.

Thank you ripit

Anyone know what the Office Depot blank media is?

Thanks ripit:flower:

[QUOTE=cbboy777;2153999]Anyone know what the Office Depot blank media is?[/QUOTE]

Where I live, -r is Ritek F1 and +r is Ritek F16

Thanks ripit

[QUOTE=gruggs;2154132]Where I live, -r is Ritek F1 and +r is Ritek F16[/QUOTE]

Ouch. I’m staying far far away then.

Thanks ripit,

Good lord, man. Take care of your family and forget about us! :iagree:

[QUOTE=negritude;2154547]Good lord, man. Take care of your family and forget about us! :iagree:[/QUOTE]

I needed to take a little break from the wife anyway, lol…