Next weeks ads 11/06 [US/BestBuy media preview]

fujifilm 100pack dvdr-plus/minus
memorex 50pack dvdr-plus/minus
ad scan

sweet dude, thx

time to pick up some Fujifilm TY
sick of these ritek g05 & optodisc from hot deals.

THANK YOU! (yes, I’m shouting! :))

Finally I can go get more Fuji-brand TYs - I dislike the Rima/Shop4tech/Supermediastore TYs since they’re shiny, and these are matte. Shiny discs show fingerprints badly!

I just have to remember to look for “Made in Japan” tags…

is it bad that i really hope staples has these. haha price match + 10% will probably save about 3.50 or so plus a $3 ink coupon…

i always hope media goes on sale in places opposite of where I have coupons haha

THANKS! i can start scouting tomorrow since I have the day off :slight_smile:

I checked out the Fujis in my local best buy (Concord,CA) and the only MIJs they have are the 50 pack of DVD+R all other types and quantities are MIT. Waiting for the 50 pack of +R to go on sale :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: