Next weeks ads (11/06/05 US)

I’ll just throw that out thier since I’m late to the draw, and explain in the next post.

Thanks Ripit: Those Verbs at Office Max are a steal. 16x for 17.99, 50 spindle. I am going to be there at 10:00AM

At office max (inserted this after my rant)
10 verbatium dual layer, 20$ (same deal that everyone wanted at microcenter). Fyi, don’t forget to price match and get it cheaper!!!
THe 16x verbatiums for 18$ for 50 seem pretty promising too. Fyi, if you get there, first thing in the morning, and they don’t have any (havent shopped office max much in a while), but firs day of the ad, right when the open, and they have none??? If you get that, post and I’ll try to tell you how to work the office max system (havent done that in 2 years so everything could have changed). I.m guessing that they will refuse a raincheck since the ad runs all week, and they “will suposedlly get them in”, at some time, so you should come back…
Sorry about posting late guys, I had to work the morning shift this saturday. Advance warning, I work the morning shift next week too, so it will not be up till 6Pm at the earliest. Anyway, others beat me to posting the media (all of it), which is a good thing. I dedicate a few hours of my time every week doing this, to give you a heads up on the sales, so when I’m late like this, its good that someone else posted to give you the early heads up. I hope that you will still look at my posts to see what else is on sale though…
I only scanned the media for office max this week by the way (and they have some really good sales). The reason for this is, I just found out that office max posts there sales on saturday on thier web site. My original reason for posting was to give an early heads up for whats on sale, but it’s not exactlly an early heads up if it is avalable on thier site.
I will of course include thier media, but not take the time to scan the whole ad, if they do infact post thier next weeks sales on saturday. That is of course unless you ask me to. I do this every saturday for your benifit, so I would like to provide what you want, otherwise, my efforts are wasted…
Let me know how everyone would like me to proceed with my posts. I could have got media out by 4:00 today, but it woulod have pushed full scans back by an hour. If you guys want media first, I can always do that (which means, media at 12:00-`12:30 isnstead of 1:30, but I might have to skip some3 scans on the full sca

No more 50 pack Verbs for me … the 25 packs burn 99% and I rarely get more than 97 out of the 50 packs. :frowning:

Very Odd. The BB ad listed by ripit says 100 pk of Fuji Dvd-r for 30.99.

The BB as posted by another member says 34.99.

What gives?

It’s not strange at all (actualy really strange, but I kind of expected it). something is going on that we do not know about. Last week (or maybe the week before), sony or veb or whatever were on sale for 14.99 in the add I posted. They were 17.99, through mosty of the country when the ad actually became active. I think some use my ad sucsesfully for a price match. You could enter a Texas zip code and see the cheaper price on thier site. The actrual Texas print ad says the price is good through the US. Still, the4 rest of the countries ads says the higher price!!!
Something is going on with best buy. They are running cheaper sales prices in Texas, that the rest of the country. Thier ad flat out says the prices are good in the US. Give me a few, I’ll dig up the best buy ad, and give high(er) res scans of the ad for the media as well as the printed policy in the ad…

I love the price of those Fujis at BB, how MIJ Fujis are almost extinct.
Sorry, best I can do right now(open to requests now).

Fyi,l my scans come directlly from the early sunday edition of the dallas paper (been known to use the fort wroth paper too). I am able to get the sun ads on saturday, cause everybody in my area can (dallas/fortworth area). Unfortunatlly, the paper is delivered whenever it is delivered (acordingto the paper, thier is no guarenteed time lie thier dailly issues, cause its an early edition). I get it when I can, panic to scan it, process it, and post it (when I work the evening shift and post by 2:00. This is the second time that they had media at a diffrent price for Texas than the rest of the country. Check it out tomorow when the ad is on thier site. Go to best buy’s site, click the link for the ad, when it askes for the zipcode, enter 75060 (mine), 75061, or 7062, 75063). All are Irving texas and you will see the same price I do.
I have no idea why they keep advertising cheaper in Texas (second time on media), but the print ad I have, says its good through 11/12/05 in the USA only and may very online!!! They probably know what us and others like fat wallet are doing, and are trying to graphit, so they can take advantage of it.

All I can say, is I’m sorry that I posted a lower price than is advertised in the rest of the country. If you got some balls, be a prick (like me), and fight it out with a manager. The perfect proof is, they can go on thier own web site, enter the zipcode 75060, and see the cheaper price. Not only that, but they can see on one of the last pages (almost imposible to read online), the same disclaimer, good in the usa only. NOT GOOD IN TEXAS ONLY!!! Thier print ad says good in the USA (the print ad here). THJier web site will (if like last time) show thier ad with hard to read (but identical to thier print ad), the same thing…
Sorry for posting a lower price than you can easilly get, but it’s best buys fauly, not mine. These ads are suposed to be national, and they flat out say it in thier ad!!!

Thanks again ripit. My wife still hasn’t figured out how i know what’s on sale :wink: And glad you post the whole ad and not just media.

question about those imations from staples. my staples had taiwan and india packs. I should probably stay away from the taiwan ones, but does anyone know anything about the made in india ones?

I know I should just go with the fujis at best buy, but that’s a nice price on the imations, plus i have staples coupons whereas i only have like one best buy buck. (and no other stores in my area have the 100 packs of fujis to price match it to)

None of the above - see if your store has Teon discs in stock and use your coupon with those discs. The 40 packs are ringing up for $5-7 in the store. +R=CMC E01 and -R=CMC AE1, the AE1 discs burn similar to TY in my NEC and Benq burners and the E01 discs burn very well also.

P.S. - Imation media codes

yeah i checked the videohelp info on the imation codes. the made in india seemed to have mixed reviews so i was wondering if someone could dway me for or against it.

i have a toshiba SDR-5372 (probably my first problem right there heh) and the only cmc i’ve used in it was E01 and I’ve never had a worse time with burning. i tried every speed i could and every combination of programs, and I could not get good results. i probably had about 3 out of 10 that were playable in the drive that burned them and i think only 2 played in my standalone player.

i’m working on a batch of TY at the moment and at the risk of sounding like the stereotypical poster here I can’t ask for anything better (although I don’t own any scanning capable drives so I guess I can’t be 100% sure). But that was why i was leaning toward the fujis.

thanks for taking the time to lend some advice though!

I kind of wondered about the imations too. For a couple of years, my staple diet was ricohjpnr01, iamtion brand from office max. I often got them to sub for generic khypermedia (they would always advertise khypermeida, have value disk, and I would walk out with Imation ricohjpnr01 (I knew exactlly what pack to get). Other times, they would always advertise imation (and I knew they were not the ones I wanted). so I called acrooss town, knowing they were out of stock, and hoped that the dumb ass would find the ones I wanted. Who gives a shit at the register, one of your employees promised me and I spent two hours (probably actually 45 minutes for a 10 minute drive, city trafic) driving here cause you had what I wanted and you were holding them for me!@!$&^@#^@#%&
Another trick (these are a few years, old, last time I shopped at OM), You are thier the first day of the ad when the store opens, they dont have them(used to be common anyway). First day of the ad is sun so you probably dont have to work??? Take your time making everyone you find look everywhere for them. Then make one look really hard. Then ask him to find them at another store (if no stores really close have them, you need a manager, cause every store in there area doesn’t have the add item). What you are shooting for is an instore transfer from another store. So you have to pick them tommorow. Substitutions are even beter and seemed to get authorized by corperate on tue and thu, and subs bypass rebate price. I could go on and on, but I’m guessing they have changed thier game. If not(Im not sure what they could sub for verbatium???

the office depot brand dvd-rs is a really good price 100 pk $25 last time i bought these they were ritek dye which works really well on games and moives im centrly going to pick up 100 of them :slight_smile:

You might have issues if the Toshiba has weak firmware support, I know it is pathetic for my Toshiba 5112, either that or the drive just sucks (entirely possible). Firmware support is poor for CMC on some burners, but they burn well if the firmware is decent. Even so, I burned a Teon CMC AE1 on my Toshiba that someone requested, here’s my scan. The burn was better than my Fuji TYG02 discs on the drive, they burn great on all of my burners as I mentioned before:

I will just say that they are definitely worth a try for the price, especially if you have a coupon to use as well. You can get them for almost free with a coupon(s). :smiley:

very good point on the price. I think I’m just going to suck it up and get one of everything. I’ll give the Imations a try, I’ll get the fuji TYs as an old trusted standby in case everything else sucks. the last time I was in stplaes I don’t think I noticed any Teons, but I’ll ask someone while I’m there.

also, i do know that firmware support is a big issue for a lot of drives. I do have the latest firmware for my drive, but I can’t for the life of me figure out where to find what is and isn’t supported by it. I’ve checked the toshiba site and other 3rd party firmware hosting sites all with no luck. sorry to go a little off topic, but do you have any clue where I might find that info?

I don’t know where to go for a specific ‘supported’ media list, although it probably ‘technically’ supports basically all 8x and 16x media, and possibly 4x as well. But that doesn’t mean that the firmware doesn’t suck anyway, the huge popularity of hacked firmware just goes to show how incompetent some of the people creating these official firmwares are. :Z And I know that Toshiba drives aren’t very good, and the reviews of yours seem to be especially lame - :frowning: A 3.0 rating out of 10… Your burner must be very picky (my Toshiba is). The Teon -R discs work great on my Toshiba (and all my other burners), but that’s no guarantee that they’ll work great on yours with poor firmware.

One page for firmware, in case you care - - also see what advice they have in the Toshiba forum here.

well I was in the market for a hard drive when I stumbled on this burner on not knowing anything about burning and seeing a very inexpensive drive plus rebates on top of the inexpensiveness I jumped on it.

I’ve been slowly learning and piecing things together ever since. This site is amazing for just that purpose. I only wish I had researched before buying a drive!

as of now, the drive works, and I’m the type who can never justify replacing something that isn’t broken so I’m stuck with this one until it craps out on me (which with any luck would be soon haha)

also, the drive you linked in the above post isn’t the same as the one I have although I’m sure a lot of the same drawbacks apply. maybe santa will bring me a benq 1640.

thanks for all the advice/info.

you may now return to your regularly scheduled ads thread.



WoW, you are the first to put CMC on par with TY. May be Toshiba burns CMC better than burning TY, but I rarely see a TY disc gets PIF greater than 4 and PI total is greater than 35k, even burning at a higher speed than the rated speed of the disc.

I don’t want to wander off the topic of the thread any more than it has, I just mentioned Teons are on sale for very cheap at Staples right now so it is another good option. And to shut up the ‘CMC is crap’ crowd before they speak, I posted a scan with my experiences with the media on my Toshiba for reasonsnotrules benefit. Yes, on my Toshiba, which is not a very good burner, these perform even better than TY media I’ve tried on it. But they burn great on my NEC and Benq burners as well, and my CMC AE1 discs in particular DO burn just as well as my Fuji TY discs on my other burners with most discs (PIF levels around 100-200 typically). They burn better on my other drives than they do on my Toshiba drive, I thought that it would be useful for reasonsnotrules to see that they burn well on my Toshiba since he has a Toshiba burner, that’s why I posted that and noted the Teons to reasonsnotrules - he was asking for suggestions on deals to look for and specifically mentioned Staples and having a coupon to use there.

They are on sale for very cheap right now and they burn excellent in all of my burners, I thought it was worth mentioning since the discussion involved current deals - if your local Staples has them, it’s about the lowest price around for ANY media at the moment.