Next weeks ads (10/7/07 US)

Obviously I’m quite late. Lets just say the wife isn’t playing nice today and leave it at that. Anyway, I got all the normal stuff except bestbuy? I’m scanning all the media I got (circuit city, staples, office max, office depot, wallgreens, cvs, target (no media at sears)). I’m only posting full scans for stuff that has not already been posted (frys sun ad, office depot, office max), and I’ll give links for circuit city, staples and compusa.

compusa (credit to wobble)

I just noticed that the staples ad 8mh posted is not the same as the one I got. Ignore what I said above, I will scan the staples ad, so check em both. I’m guessing there were last minute changes that didn’t get to the paper in time, or they are running different ads in different regions.

circuit city

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It’s the latter.

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Yea, I just checked the online ad preview for my zipcode and it matches the ad I got. If you go to the early preview link, then choose select a location on the left, and select a store in that area it will show your ad. It gets a little confusing when they do this (best buy has done it before and their ad says it is good nationally).

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is the closest match I could find to this

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If I were you, I would stay away from cooler master power supply unless you are running passive cooling low power GPU and low power CPU.
Check out the 500W version for $9.99 AR

the deal is also an in store deal so if you have frys near you, save you money on shipping

You have to be carfull with cooler master power supplies, as some are decent enough and some are not so great (in general, I also recomend staying away from them unless you research the exact model). If I recall right, the 430 watt extreme power is a pos. I’m not sure about the 500 or 650 watt models. The 600 watt extreme power is suposed to be decent enough, but its not a 600 watt, its a 500 watt. I cannot remember which model it is, but it is one of the 500 watt models from these guys.
Asuming cooler master hasen’t changed their oem, they admit it is based on a seventeam 500 watt psu, but claim to have tweaked the rails to get the extra 100 watts (bullshit). I cannot remember where, but there is a review on it, and it did fine below 500 watts but totally crapped out anywhere above 500 watts. Its suposed to be decent enough quality, but its only 500 watts.

Fyi that is pretty common with cooler master’s cheaper power supplies. they are rated higher than they can actually do (some actually have a peak power that suplies the psu’s claimed size, and a lower continious power)

Some of the ones that come with cases are rated with even a bigger diffrence (and I’m guessing actual output is even less than the lower of the two).

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Verb on sale Best buy but Price is going up [B]$16.99[/B]
and quality is going down :a

yeah man, i got the new packaged verbs MIT and my burns with Benq 1650 are terrible

I have the Best Buy ad here,

Sony 50 packs $12.99
Memorex 20 pack Lightscribe CD-R $9.99
Dynex 50 pack CD-R $5.99

No Verbatim listed in the ad, must be a instore like OfficeMax has some times.

It’s verified in-store and online, just not in the circular:

Verbatim DVD+R at BB for $16.99

Verbatim DVD-R at BB for $16.99

I wouldn’t bother at that price unless you’ve completely run out. :eek:

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