Next weeks ads 10/30 [US/BestBuy media preview]

verbatim 50pk dvdr-plus/minus
memorex 25pk dvdr-plus/minus
panasonic 5pk dvd-ram
ad scan

also, not in the scan, is:

verbatim 10pk lightscribe dvd+r @ $7.99

$$$ … thanks, JC. Nice to see those 16x Verb’s prices starting to come down. Hope it continues. :slight_smile:

i was just in best buy. they have a ton of sony MIJ…make the damn sony go on sale! I wish I had thought to look at the verbs. seems like there’s been some verbatim controversy lately. any reccomendations on how to spot some top of the line stuff?

also, are the mcdonald’s best buy bucks stackable?

PS, as always, thanks for the heads up on these!

if you find spindles like those pictured in the ad they are CMC which arent too bad, if the top doesn’t have that lip (look more like a TY cakebox) then it’s Prodisc which are better, but I haven’t seen prodisc Verb’s in a long while now.

To the best of my knoledge the best buy bucks are stackable (from what I have heard of others using them). What good would they be if they were nothing more than a 1$ off coupon?

You wont belive this - I was in BB last Saturday and they had Sony MIJ 50 pack 8X DVD-R for $17 after instant rebate. I was anyways gonna come down the next day and to my horror the price went back to $39 :sad:

sales and prices in ads always end on saturdays!!! you should know that especially if you’re on here haha.

last week someone on here posted those for $14.99 (texas BB had them cheaper) so i pricematched THAT price at staples and made out like a bandit. I regret not getting more. I thought I had enough discs at the time, but now I’m starting to run low again.

I’m hoping for some serious black friday media discounts.

thanks for the info. I guess i’ll just hold out for a sony sale again. I’m tempted because of the price, but cmcs are iffy on my burner (I’m still trying to get rid of a 50 pack i had from a while back), and if I know they have all this TY just ready for me to buy, I guess I can talk myself into waiting for it to go on sale. it probably will next week.

Just in case you were not aware (since you posted about some philips cmcmag media that you wanted to to return to circuit city but you liked the mcc stuff you got), verbatium is always mcc. mcc is mitsubishi chemical corp., the same company as verbatium. cmc and prodisk make media for mitsubishi but it is using mitsubishi’s dye, manufacturing processes and quality control. mcc made by cmc is not the same as cmc media. Pretty much any mcc you have bought anytime recentlly in the US was probably made by cmc but to mcc standards of quality with mcc dye. The verbatiums will cary the mcc media code.

thanks for the heads up! I was unaware of this. Just as I thought I was getting all this manufacturer ID and who owns whom stuff down pat haha.

Thier have been a few rumors going around about thier possibly being some issues with verbatium (mcc) media, but in general it is considered one of the best. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy verbatium.

its been reported that verbatim has now gone over to the darkside (ritek has been showing up under the verbatim brand). as noted by OC-Freak.

Thats probably the rumors I was thinking of but couldn’t remember what. That sucks cause ritek is terible media. Do we have any idea what speeds/format hae shown up as ritek?

after a bit of snooping on the site it seems like the only verbs reported as ritek were datalife dvd-R 1x, datalife dvd+R 2.4x, and pearl white dvd+R 8x.

(the first two were obviously not recently being 1 and 2x, but the 8x pearl whites were posted and commented on earlier this month.)

i don’t know if there’s more out there that people have been talking about, but i find to be pretty reliable most of the time. if it’s too new to have been posted there then I don’t know.

It might be wise in the future for us to check in advance and make sure that the store will allow return of opened media (many will) till we see what turns up with verbatium. I’ll risk buying some more of the 16x disks (not that I need more media but I got best buy bucks and nothing to spend them on).

Nice, they are 16X.
I have a lot of McDonalds Bestbuy bucks, is there a limit for that?? Can you use as many as you have for a single transaction? If there is no limit, I can get 2 spindles for free. And yes, I am McDonald food junkie

according to the best buy site you can use no more than $3 on any one cd or dvd and no more than $300 on any single visit. it also says that the total for your purchase must exceed the total dollar value of bucks used. so you could use like $17 in best buy bucks on an $18 purchase I’d imagine, but you wouldn’t be able to get it for free. still a good deal though!

All of those Verbatim storys came out of Europe. I never heard of anyone here in the USA getting Verbatim media and not getting the MCC media code.

About 2 weeks ago I got some Sony +r MIJ from BB and used the Best Buy Bucks and they let me stack them. I only paid $2 and some change for 100. But this was in the Dallas area. The one by Town East mall.

So I would say yes they are stackable. :iagree:

i had $6 worth of best buy bucks in my wallet and i lost them!!! I’m so mad :frowning: I know that’s off topic, but I wanted to bitch about it. stupid stupid stupid.

i never eat at mcd’s and i got that chicken meal deal and got a $3 on both the sandwich and the fries. talk about luck. easy come easy go i guess.