Next weeks ads (10/30/05 US)

I didn’t get staples and compusa this week but got the others (office max, office depot, best buy, circuit city, wallgreens). target and cvs didn’t have any media this week.
Looks like our best bet is verbatium this week. best buy has 50 packs of 16x, office depot has 100 packs (speed is covered over in the ad and not shown on the web site). Thier is also some memorex, value disk, hp, off name etc.
I’m not sure if this will work (sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t), But if you order on office depots web site for in store pickup, you get the sale price, plus you can use online coupons (just google office depot coupon). thier is a 20$ off 100$ coupon so 85$ for 300 verbatium disks of whatever speed they are, if it works (guess we wont know till tomorow). Thiers also a 15 off 75 if you want two packs and wanna add something for 5$.

so anyway, here they are

Just a quick note, I redid some of my process for this. I checked out the ads and think I got all the html fixed (sorry if anything doesn’t work). For those of you that might be using direct links, they are the same as before
except the file names have changed to add a ~ in front
It’s above the tab key if you cannot find it. paperport was giving file names with these in front when it exported to photoshop. I had been cutting them out but it was a pain to edit every file name. So I finally found that key on my keyboard (feel kind of stupid about not finding it earleir) and changed the html accordingly. the values are ~max0002.jpg to ~max0076.jpg this week.

Fyi a heads up for next week. I work the morning shift till 2:30 so I won’t have the ads up till about 5:00PM.

Ripit!!! … yeah, Baby, Yeah!!!:slight_smile:

Thanks Ripit Those Verbs at Best Buy for 17.99 look very interesting. I wonder if they are CMC or real Verbs. I nev3er quite understood that whole thing, I was convinced it was just in Europe but now I am not so sure. I do know they have the MCC media code, so that is a good sign. I’ll try a spindle and see how they burn.

They should be mcc media code. Pretty much all mcc found in the US is made by cmc but it is mcc dye and quality control etc.
I have also heard that the only place verbatiums have shown up as ritek is Europe and they were not the regular verbatium disks. If memory serves, I have returned opended media to best buy so if it does turn out to be ritek, just return it (might be good to ask thier return policy first though).

Yo ripper and alan-

Think that you will find that the Verbatim 8x +R (MCC 003) will give better burns than the 16x -R (MCC 03RG20) on the burners that you have-

Reminder that Newegg has these (MCC 003) right now for $23 shipped with MIR - which is a very good price for these medias from a 1st class vendor-IMO


I’d rather skip the MIR and shipping wait from Newegg and go straight for the 16x +Rs at BB or better yet Office Depot. MCC004 burns great at 8x, 12x and, depending on your burner, 16x.

The Rebate at Newegg is too much, get it at bestbuy, and if you have Bestbuy bucks from McDonalds, thats like instant rebate. And Mike, if you want Verbatim Inkjet printable for cheap, check out my auction on ebay:
Link to Ebay Auction

I already have too much media. The only reason that I might buy some is that I have enough best buy bucks to get a pack for free (or almost free). Fyi for anyone interested, I stoped in at office depot (I work next door so I figured I would check). They already had the sale display table setup at the front (without the sale price signs of course). there were 16x 100 packs of verbatium. I asked the guy if that was what was gtoing to be on sale tomorow. He had a copy of the sales layout and a list. He looked at the list and said yes, thats them. I’m guessing that since they covered up the speed in the ad picture, maybe it is whatever that store hapens to have, but the 16x are included if thats what you are looking for and they have them.

Yo Mike: Thanks for the heads up. You are right MCC003 are faster and better than the MCC004 on the BenQ1640 but I have about 200 MCC003 and I will be using the MCC004 on my other burners. I picked up two packs of the MCC004 for 36.00, not bad for 16x media. Thanks again Mike.

Are those white printables, matte silver pritables, or shiny printables?

…and $5.00 Buy It Now with $100 shipping… lol!

The problem with listing your ebay auction like that is that the buyer might think that if thier is a problem or items are not as described, damaged etc., they get thier 5$ refunded and get screwed out of 100$ shipping. Maybe you should add some sort of a refund guarentee on puchase price plus shipping if item is not as described. It makes the buyer think they have some recourse if the deal is not legit.

I just tried $20 off $100, no go. $30 off 150 or $40 off 200 works, but with the Verbatim DVDs the $20 off $100 coupon doesn’t recognize the total for the discounted media. $20 off $75 is no deal, either. Added 2 100 packs for $69, then added 2 $3.69 reams of paper, and it only recognises the paper towards the coupon total.

300 for $85 or 200 + 2 reams for $55, I’m game. But 400 + 3 reams for $121.03 or 600 for $209.94 is too much for me (note, the per-disc costs are about 27-28 cents).

Sometimes it works, sometimes it deosn’t. I don’t think whoever maintains office depots site is that on the ball. I’m quite sure that we are not suposed to be applying these coupons to sales prices but sometimes it works. I got a bunch of dvd’s at 75% off because they were half price instore, then I applied the coupon for that half price online, and got a double discount. they also sometime screw up on the price and ofice depot actually makes some effort to honor it to an extent (if your order was confirmed and went through, they will usally let you get it at that price, got 40$ packs of photo paper for 8.19$ that way). It never hurts to check and thanks for trying for us. Fyi, has anyone tried the 15$ off 75$? I know the 20$ off 75$ is better but the 15$ off is a diffrent coupon.

Just checked - yes, the $15 off $75 works after adding 2 reams of paper to bring the total over $75.

I followed the first link on searching for “office depot coupon” on google.

The reason that I though that it might work, I got the 15/75 in my email, in the real mail, and in the real mail at work (buisness acount). I case you didn’t know, some of these retailers actually sell these coupons (that way you have to link to the sale sometimes), as well as some of the coupon codes, to the sites that host them. It has become another way of advertising to the price concious online shopper. Other coupon codes are intended for a particular audience (though it may be avalable to anyone). Some coupon codes are one use only (once 1 person uses that code, no one else can).
Office supply companys depend on buisness buyers. Generally any deal I get sent to work is good and hassel free, but the good deals often dont come to my work. Since the 15/75 did, they are probably more liklly to honner it (even online), because they do not want to piss of thier buisness customers, especially those with purchase accounts.