Next weeks ads (10/29/06 US)

Microcenter has the core 2 duo 6300 for 155$
Also, check the other core 2 duo as there is another one on sale.
Here are coupons for in store (no coupon needed for online ordering)
These prices end today!!!

I got all the ads except compusa (I didn’t get staples either but they are running a 2 week ad so I used last weeks scans). No media at cvs or target and wallgreens was 30 off name cd-r’s for 9$ (I’m in a hurry so I figured its not good enough to bother with).

Here they are

Thanks Ripit!

Thanks Bud!!

Yo ripper-

Again - many thanks - bra-eh!

Thanks for the ads ripit.

thnx for the heads up on the ads. most nice.

Thanks for the ads!

Pretty good deal on the 4GB SanDisk drive.

Price match at OD with the OM ad, get a nice 4GB flash drive for $80 in-store, $50 after the rebate from OD.

Thank you for the heads up ripit .
No Verbatim on sale this week :frowning:

And whats up with Memorex media ? they are on sale everywhere :eek:

Thanks ripit :bow:

Good deal.

Thanks Ripit!

Thanks, Ripit.
I have the same question as minaelromany??? :eek:
"“And whats up with Memorex media ? they are on sale everywhere”"

Any opinions on Memorex - what’s good, what’s bad??? I’ve stayed away from it, for God knows what reason, but if it’s the only game in town??? :cool:

It’s a crap shot as to what you might get.

On the +R side you could get MCC004 (aka Verbatim) or RICOHJPNR03 would be good.

Bad you might CMC MAG.M01, I have not had good luck with them anyway…

Those are only the ones I have gotten but it has been almost a year since I’ve
gambled buying any.

Full list of what you could get look here:

The CompUSA ad is now up - have a 500 gig Seagate SATA-300 for $179.99

Don’t buy no Memorex - stick with Verbies and save yourself the hassle. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t this mean : Buy Memorex (linguistically speaking)? :bigsmile:

I for one would like to know how to identify MCC or RICOJPN from CMC under Memorex brand . :confused:

Now see, if I just stick to Verbies, I have no need to wonder about anything. Life will be peaceful, tranquil and predictable, so I could move on to thinking about other things instead. :slight_smile:

No way to identify them that I know of…That nasty paper cover that slap
on top covers up any hope.

i have never had a problem with Memorex DVDRs. Those are the ones i buy most when i can. i am in depth on scanning what i burn to see how perfect the burn came out. But i have never had a Memorex DVDR not burn and not play in a DVD Player. Just my opinion of course. Good luck.

The reason why so many people slam memorex is becuase you can often get Verbatim for the same price if you keep an eye on sales. So when you compare a media that may have one of 3-4 different manufacturers that may or may not burn well with your burner and firmware configuration, you can buy Verbatims (which are almost all MCC coded) that burn well in most burner/firmware configurations.

It’s like people just have that impulse - like “Hey, that coffee is way hot and I know if I drink it now I’ll burn my tongue” but they go ahead and drink it anyway cause they just can’t help themselves.

Same with buying other brands when you know that you should be getting verbies… :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks :bow: ripit