Next weeks ads (10/28/07 US)

In case you didn’t catch it, I took ads that had already been posted, and formated them in the normal manner for easy viewing last night.

There is not really anything for me to scan (cvs, wallgreens and frys). Every since they started packaging the ads seperatly in plastic, I havent seen a bestbuy ad including this week (I was going to replace the black and white scans with my own color ones). I think I might have to start checking the fortworth paper on a regular basis as well as the dallas paper.

Anyway, here is what was already posted (staples, compusa, bestbuy, circuit city, office max). I added cvs, wallgreens, fry’s sun ad, and added kmart media to the media tab (no media at sears or target and I didn’t get a radio shack ad). I think I might scan the staples ad to replace the ones I captured (cannot read the item numbers). Beyond that, its all already there, enjoy.

Fyi, if all goes well, I’ll start formating what has already been posted on friday night from now on, and then add/replace whatever at the time I would normally do the ads.

I almost forgot, I didn’t get office max to replace the scans, circuit city looked fine. Here are links so you can get item numbers off the broadband flash ver if you see something you like.


Office max


Kmart (full ad).

Thanks ripit.:clap:

ok thank you again ripit! :bow:

Thanks ripit!

Thanks again ripit:clap:

Thanks ripit. The bargain hunting does not start until you post the ads :slight_smile:

thanks ripit, got your private message. I will try to help you out as I go along, but lately, I’ve been pretty busy with school and work

thanks ripit

[QUOTE=ghetocowboy;1918280]thanks ripit, got your private message. I will try to help you out as I go along, but lately, I’ve been pretty busy with school and work[/QUOTE]

I hear that!!! Thankfully I’m past it, but I can remember many a nite with just a couple of hours sleep.

Thanks again ripit,

Thanks ripit…I always look at this thread!

Anyone using the 900 Antec case in the COMP USA add? $89.00 is alot cheaper than I have seen it anywhere else and I am in the market for a case for a new build.

i caught that case a few months ago for $100. that was the cheapest i saw it for a while. love a case with no door. and love it with lots a fans…

FYI, my local Best Buy finally got in a shipment of Neo-Verbies and have stocked the shelves.

thanks ripit :slight_smile:

You da man!

Thanks for doing a great job

The Memorex 100 +R packs were supposed to be on sale at OM - they are listed on the website, but they are not on sale at my store because there is no sales flyer this week in my area. They refused to honor the website price, as usual.

Anyway, I found a new variant of RicohJPNR03 in the 100 Memorex +R packs. It has two clear spacers on top and a Post-It promo label covering part of the top of the pack, but I could still make out the DO127 batch code. I was a bit put off by promo packaging as sometimes you get poorer discs … I was going to grab a pack, but no go for me this time since it scanned regular price at the register.

[QUOTE=Dalen Quaice;1919921]They refused to honor the website price, as usual.[/QUOTE]

Their corporate policy is that they’re supposed to match their own web site. The policy is right on their web site. Maybe print it out, along with the web site item price, and take it with you next time.

It’s important to emphasize that they won’t match their website unless you have the printout with you. They’re not going to look it up. I assume that you did have the printout with you, and got turned down anyway?

^Yeah, they said “web only” special which was BS. Oh, well. I suspect they will be on sale next month sometime for $22.99 which is a better deal, anyway.

Told me the exact same thing, WEB only, and then the manager asked me " Can’t you read?" Very rude.:iagree: