Next weeks ads (10/23/05 US)

Well, its a little late (had prior comitments this morning) but here it is. I managed to get all the ads this week (had to get 2 newspapers to do it though). Enjoy!!!

The media at tagret can only be seen under the media tab, not under the wallgreens/cvs/fry’s (other stores) tab. I might fix it later if the lasyness wears off. fyi I’ll be home all night so post if thier are any problems or errors (other than upside down images that I am to lasy to fix unless it make them too hard for you to read).

Dude, you’re truly amazing. Thanks for all your remarkably dedicated efforts to do this every wknd. :slight_smile:

any body have any idea who makes the norwood micro 16x burner that is on sale this week @ compusa ?? dvdrhelp has no hits for norwood. google not much help either.

Cool, I am off today and I was bored. I was waiting for your weekly post ripit the whole day. thanks for the post

my guess is something with a mediatek or ricoh chipset, there’s nothing that
really fits the weird specs:
48x cd-r, 32 cd-rw, 12x dvd-r, 16x dvd+r, 4x +dl and rw

the external version looks like it has a cypress chip for the USB.

doesn’t look like there’s too much to get excited about this week. I stocked up on the Sony TYs at staples last week getting them to pricematch from the ad posted on here so I’m set for a while.

Am I overlooking anything extraordinary or is this week’s selection pretty average? Tons of memorex, and I’ve had the WORST luck with anything memorex.

PS thanks for posting these! we all appreciate it!!

The OD 100 packs are 16X at my store and not bad for $29. Same color as the ty, but ricoh branded MIT!

PS/ where is the cheapest place to get Symantec 2005 system works 2005?

go download it illegally, hehehe j/k
time to time you will see the Norton Systemworks go on sale for free after rebate, so wait for this black friday.

Nothing good this week, I guess the retailers is gearing up for the black friday sale. I need more TY media since my BenQs burns them so well. Now on, TY only, unless Verbatim goes rock bottom. All my TYs burn so far are 98+, my Verbatim, even not over speeding, I only get 95 and a whooping 1500+ PIF for MCC 003, the rest of the guys in the forum only get around 400-500 PIF, I guess I have a bad batch of Verbatim.

Does anybody know who makes the printable Memorex discs?

8X printable memorex are made by optodisc, I wouldn’t touch. I am going to auction off my verbatim inkjet printable in a few days on ebay, 90 of the 16X -R, and 200 of the 8X -R. I dont have the printer anymore so I am getting rid of them. $22 per 50 shipped if you are interested. Or $100 shipped for all 290 discs, all Verbatim. That turns out to be $0.34/disc for inkjet printable, 90 of which are 16X. So let me know if you are interested.

That is a great deal, but I still have about 700 blank discs and can’t really justify buying any more. I was just asking because I was curious. Thanks for the offer.