Next weeks ads (10/22/06 US)

I got all the ads this week. Even though I already posted staples, I had time so I scanned it anyway. Verbatims at best buy and sony at office depot this week.

Just something I found funny. compusa has a pny 7600 video card for 180$ (130$ after rebates and savings) advertised. The compusa here locally has a pny 6600 for 180$ (minus 50 percent due to store closing). What a scam. Its usally a scam or priced way too high with mega rebates that you may not get with these guys. They do have the occational good deals though. This week they have a sandisk 12 in 1 card reader for 25$ plus 5$ rebate (normally 40$). I have one of these and they are very good with high speed cards. I think I paid 5$ more than that on sale at bestbuy. It doesn’t bother me a bit they are closing the store here (normal prices are so high). On the rare occation they have a true good deal, I can make the drive to the next nearest location. Rant over.

cool, thanks ripit, I will do a summary of sale later on after taking a shower

Yo ripper-

Thanks again bra-eh!

well, pretty much nothing good deal this week excpet the spindle of sony 100 disc for $24.99, but aint we bored of this price over and over again week by week

I’m looking at the Bestbuy ad and I’m a bit confused. What’s the difference between “instant rebate” and “instant savings” ?

Thanks very much ripit! :bow:

That depends on what the 16x Philips DVD+R/DVD-R at CC are. They’ve been known to be MCCs, but CMC MAG M01 and Ritek R05 are sometimes represented as well. :Z

Only $10.99 for a 50-pack of MCCs would probably be a good deal though. :confused:

Huh?? I am talking about Sony spindle of 100, not philips. I wouldn’t touch philips because some philips are made in china, I have to admit CMC from philips burn pretty well, better than some other cmc.

@tastelikeburning–no difference, just like a gallon and a jumbo gallon. A gallon is a gallon and a jumbo gallon is still a gallon since the unit is standardized

Anyone try the Magnavox DVD+RW? According to the only entry on Videohelp they were MKM discs.

Anyone know anything about the Verb’s on sale at Best Buy?

I know I picked up 6 spindles of 25 for $6.99 today. :smiley:

Thanks Ripit.

I’m with you on the CompUSA thing. Not my favorite store by a long shot.

“Anyone know anything about the Verb’s on sale at Best Buy?”

mcc 004

Oh, sorry I thought you were asking if there was a quantity limit. They don’t sell 8x media anymore, so all DVD+R are MCC004. The DVD-R is MCC03RG20.

why buy so many Verb?? you bought 6 spindles??? 50 disc verb goes on sale pretty often for $12.99 and with coupon and price match, you can bring them down pretty low. the 25 disc spindle for $6.99 is a bit pricey.

Hehe, it’s $.50 pricier and you get two cute spindles instead of a big one. How’s that? :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, thanks ripit! :flower:

I agree with you re: CompUSA, Ripit. The CompUSA down the street from me is also closing and going through their 20/30/50% off jazz. Most of their stuff at 30% off is still priced the same or even more than the normal price from various online vendors.

.28 cents versus .26 is pricey?

I’m not certain, but I’d guess you’ll pay sales tax on the, “Instant Rebate,” amount just like you do with mail-ins.


I only have a couple 16x -R verbies left. Other than that, I’ve got nothing but 8x media. Also, it’s still a pretty good deal at that price.

I dont think you pay sales tax on an instant rebate (not in Texas anyway). Its not that bad of a price but ghetocowboy’s right. I have got 50 packs for less than 10$ with tax from a price match (office max and ofice depot) before.