Next weeks ads (10/19/08 US)



I got bestbuy, office depot, office max, staples and wallgreens this morning online. There is no media at cvs.

I got the normal stuff. There is no media at bestbuy, cvs, radio shack or sears. Let me know how the circuit city and fry’s ads look. I just got a new scanner (actually a brother all in 1) with an automatic feeder for up to 10 pages (works great with page size ads like circuit city) and a flat bed. I didn’t even set it up till this morning though so I haven’t had a chance to really play with it and or get photoshop actions setup for processing (had to do it all manually today).


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I almost forgot about the printer (all in 1). Its a brother MFC-240C factory refurbished for 30$, free shipping or in store pickup. If you want it primarily for scanning, and or don’t mind after market ink cartridges and or refilling, then I would recommend it ink cost wise (I haven’t printed yet to see the print quality, though reviews are quite good). If you are the kind of person that insists on oem ink, forget it!!! The cartridges only hold 12ml of ink (22ml on black). I think they have a special when you buy a set of oem cartridges, free jar of Vaseline included. You would be a lot better off with a canon or epson (my canon ip4000 has 28ml ink on color, and cannot remember on black but its double size, and the carts are about the same price). Alternatively, you could buy 4 or 5 if you have to have oem ink (its got 60$ worth of oem ink for 30$). You can get compatible carts that claim to have 4 times the ink for about 5$ (maybe less).

The scanner seems pretty good and fast (of course I’m comparing it to a pos visioneer that I have been using for years). While it comes with crappy paper port software, it also has its own utility for simple scanning that seems quick and easy to use (I just used it this morning for the ads so I haven’t really tried it out a lot). It has an auto feed for scanning that is supposed to be able to handle 10 pages plus a flat bed. It auto selects which is nice (detects if there are pages in the top tray for auto feed). If your interested, read the reviews as I have only just tried it (its got pretty good reviews). Just be aware of the cost of ink if you use oem. One review reported there only being 9ml of ink in a new cart (they measured how much was in there). The carts are almost empty so I can see where they can fit 4 times the ink in compatibles.
So decide for yourself if its a deal (I just ordered a second for spare ink/parts).


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I was at K-Mart this morning and saw they have their Sony disk on sale for 13.99/50, and their cd-r 100 packs were also on sale.


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Which brand of on sale cd-rs would be the best? TDK, HP, Maganavox, or Sony? IIRC, HP is CMC, which is crap.

Any thoughts?