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Good morning, myce! It is time for this weeks’ in-store media roundup. Verbs are on special at Best Buy this week. Fry’s have HP 16x 100 packs for $ 11.99, possibly the lowest I’ve seen for a name brand.

Best Buy: Verbatim 16x +R and -R 50 packs, $ 12.99

Best Buy: Memorex 8x +R DL 25 packs, $ 24.99

Best Buy: Memorex 48x CD-R Cool Colors 700mb 50 packs, $ 7.99

Best Buy: Memorex 52x CD-R LS 700mb 20 packs, $ 12.99

K-mart: Maxell 16x +R and -R 50 packs, $ 10.99

Office Depot: Memorex 16x +R and -R, $ 19.99

Office Depot: Memorex 52x CD-R 700mb, $ 14.99

Office Max: Magnavox 16x +R and -R 50 packs, $ 9.99

Office Max: Magnavox 52x CD-R 700mb 50 packs, $ 5.99

Staples: HP 16x -R (only) and 52x CD-R 50 pack combo, $ 14.98

Staples: Staples 16x +R (only) 100 packs, $ 24.98

Staples: Staples 16x +R (only) 50 packs, $ 14.98

Fry’s: HP 16x +R and -R 100 packs, $ 11.99

Fry’s: HP 52x CD-R 700mb 100 packs, $ 9.99

Thanx Dalen!

Yo Dalen, thanks!

Mahalo Dalen!

The magnavox 50pks for $10 look quite tempting… but in just over 5 short weeks, no doubt we’ll see some black friday incarnation of a better deal, no?

Afterall verbatim 100pks could be had for as low as $12 after rebate online… with free shipping.

Thanks Dalen

Thank you Dalen