Next weeks ads (10/12/08 US)

So far I got best buy, circuit city and the office supply stores, plus wallgreens. There is no media at circuit city or cvs. I’m going to post what I got so far, and will check radio shack, sears, target and post the fry’s sun ad as soon as I can (sometime before 3PM). So here you go

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Thanks ripit.

Staples will have Sony 100s 16X at $22.98
#624878 +R
#624879 -R
An item search at says
these are 100DPR47LS/LS3 (+R)
AND 100MR47RS4/LS4 (-R)

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Nice ripit!

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Looks like it’s time for me to go back to Sears for the price match on their last two cakes of MIJ Sonys…

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Thanks ripit.

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Anyone know what those 30 pack HP DVD+/-R at Staples are? CMC Mag?



16x HP is all CMC, all day, every day, all the time.

The good thing is that it’s supposed to be the highest quality and most consistent 16x CMC on the market.

I knew you’d be the one to answer/help me, LOL. Thanks man, it’s on like donkey kong, you know what I’m sayin’!:wink:

One more thing, most people feel that AM3 is much better than M01. A lot of folks have had problems with M01, at least in terms of scans.

Also, 16x CMC scans aren’t as pretty as 16x Verbatim or TY, but 16x CMC is very stable and reliable (good bonding, little degradation, etc.).