Next weeks ads 10/09 [US/BestBuy only/media preview]

best buy ad scan

memorex 50pack dvdr-plus/minus
verbatim 50pack cdr

not much, folks, as I only received the bb ad. but we are testing a new way to add the image links, so I had to post this meager offering. refresh/reload the page if you do not see the image.

As said in the movie Swingers … " you are soooo $$$$ "!!! :slight_smile: Thanks, JC.

are those 100 free mp3s really free? Or does it have a string attached?

Those Verbatim CDR 50pack with high lip have MID of CMC Magnetics (got it few weeks ago). Can’t seem to find Mitsubishi Chemical MID in 50pack.

Notice they don’t tell you what mp3’s you’ll have access to. :doh:

Zevia, Staples is still having that Fujifilm deal, you get 50 TY CD-R for $8.94. And if you have an empty ink cartdridge, you can trade in for $3 off.

Thanks for the info ghetocowboy. I need Mitsubishi Chemical CDR for testing purpose. :wink:

It’s possible some of those with the MP3 offer have the MCC ATIP, but with the paper label on top it’s impossible to tell. Zevia, if your local BB has any of the CD spindles without the paper top, look for the ones with the small translucent plastic spacers on top of the discs–those should be MCC Azo Dye Type 3.

Thanks for the hint Two Degrees. :slight_smile:

There is a 10% bestbuy coupon floating around, make sure you use it on whatever you are going to buy at Bestbuy this weekend :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell from a bit of googling and, the 100 free mp3s are at Anyone can get their 100 free mp3s for signing up for a trial of emusic from what I can tell. You do NOT have to buy the CDR spindle and I don’t see any advantage to doing so if all you want is the mp3s. :slight_smile:

Relevant URL:

C ya,

And if you are playing McDonald Monopoly lately, you might have stacked up a few BestBuy Bucks, Redeem BestBuy Bucks with the 10% coupon, thats good deal heaven.

I just bought one of these packs and they are CMC. The discs I bought were “Made in Mexico.”

Two Degrees, I found only one spindle that match your info – and it’s Ritek 97m15s17f.(!!) This one doesn’t have the MP3 offer on the label. It burns very nice but I already own the Ritek 971517 from Fuji MIT. I’m going to return and try those Verbatim MP3 offer and hopefully find the MCC Type 3.