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Well I guess sometimes I have to learn my lessons the hard way. They burned kind of crappy on my liteon though they did pass data verification. On my 3500, the first layer seemed fine but the second was total crap and the disk failed data verification. I think I might try copying them back to my hard drive from my aopen burner or my liteon rom (my best and my fastest reader), just to see what happens. It’s too bad compusa won’t take back open media (at least they didn’t used to). I might just have to exchange them a few times to see if I can get a beter pack though. Maybe I’ll try diffrent firmware.
I almost wonder If I could burn data disks multi session and burn the first layer on the nec, and the second layer on the liteon. Anybody know if that is possible?

The Sony MIJ TY02 50 pack didn’t burn nearly as good as the MIJ TY02 25 pack I bought a few weeks ago at staples. It was like night and day. I had 99 quality on all the 25 pack discs consistently. The first two from the 50 pack burned at 96 and 97 quality…not bad but there were PIF spikes across the whole disc up to 7. There was also a huge PIE jump to 25 at the end (the classic hill at the end) I am going to try and exchange the 50 pack…I will report my results with a new 50 pack.

I use a BENQ 1620

Anyone know what MID the Sony +RW disks are at staples?

If they are made in Japan, the MID should be SONY S11.

I picked up a case of them at my local Staples. They only had MIT which were RICOHJPN/W11 which are good discs. The discs state ‘AccuCore’ and all of the other Sony advertising. So, unless OfficeDepot has changed suppliers of their +RW discs, these are the same discs. I picked up a spindle over there a year ago from $15 and that’s what they were. As they’re on sale there this week for less, I’d say anyone wanting +RW discs should head over to OfficeDepot instead of Staples. Unless you really like the Sony name printed on the discs instead of OfficeDepot. :slight_smile:

Now, if you can get the MIJ Sonys at your Staples, that’s a different story.